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Biggest Loser 2007

The trainers not only kick a lot of butt, they genuinely show affection and have no fear of it. I think that’s why I like Biggest Loser. You watch these expert trainers and they are not doing what we get trained to do in the workplace. They touch people. They get stuck into people. They talk straight. The show a lot of emotion and just look at how their protoges shine. people are human. they need human contact. Jillian got everything off our chest when she laid into Courtney. She just let him have it, and then we he admitted the truth, she praised him up and worked like a real professional with him. Alex got voted out for all the wrong reasons and yet Alex got to show what a emarkable human being he is and what a great way he has of thinking about things. He looks so well. Sam had to leave because of big vain thrombosis and look at how Bob hugged her on the way. Sam had been an absolute brick. A solid foundation for the blue team. Now she looks so well and her face is so relaxed and pretty. her eyes just dance. I cannot imagine her being alone for long! So then the red team got right into repairing the damage and treating each other better as humans, the thing the blue team always had. Respect. Consideration. Care. A lot of that is shining through now and it’s their trainers who run the emotional gamut and then have high expectations who are able to get people who were failing to push themselves to far greater limits. Loved the volleyball. They were all in there doing their best and it was just so good to see a proper match with everyone playing and with a good sense of self.



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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