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Biggest Loser 2007

You cannot live in Australia and not know the word AWESOME! Damien, the biggest person on the Biggest Loser has indelibly written awesome all over his life. This guy is AWESOME. In many ways he is a mystery. His personal skills are high. He thinks well. His spirit is very strong and yet, his weight is way out of control. Last night the teams had to tow 9 tonne aeroplanes , take turns to get suitcases out of the planes and then , if they won, there were letters from home in the suitcases. The red team was devastated when they lost. It was gut wrenching and Pati summed it all up – cruel. The tow ropes had got stuck under a wheel. Would they have won? I do not think so. But look at this challenge. Towing a 9 tonne areaoplane with 5 people. Who was a loser out of that lot? They all know they can haul a plane!! The personal power given to each of them from that will be undeniable. I felt like saying, oh please let them all read their letters. It just seemed to be so wrong not to let anyone read letters when they had all been so brilliant. But Damien was a man mountain and his spirit and unshakeable courage got them to the finsish line. He was not daunted and he had such a powerful impact on his team that even Kelly got up to a real personal best which was inspirational. Damien has the capacity to influence others to step out of their skin and just fly. Bob was stunned. I have never seen Bob so excited. He is always positive, always encouraging. He thought he was training these guys and found himself inspired beyond all belief. This guy could haul a plane, just like that. It was fantastic to see the trainers have that capacity to involve themselves so that they could be touched and moved by people. Michelle did some great work with P’eta who said she did not love herself. Juxtaposed to the plane scenes it was powerful stuff in terms of visual art. Shannan was trying to toughen up Laura and he did that by being her strength and hearing her pain. Jillian was stoked with her team and letting herself be moved by the challenge. But Bob, the Bob who flies so high himself and who has been there, done that, Bob had stars in his eyes and genuine admiration for what was going on. He could see the human significance..and what better gift to give to Bob…who works with and inspires so many?



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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