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The Biggest Loser

The more we get into The Biggest Loser , the more we get into poker rather than healthy lifestyle and reshaping. It’s now a game of complete strategy this year. Munnalita and Courtney are expert at it and it looks like later in the week they take the scalps of Chris and Kim because they too fall apart under the pressure which is exerted. You have to accept C and M are very good at the game aspect of this and are unsurpassable. The new two are pretty good thinkers and strategists, but so was P’eta and she fell foul of the Courtney/Munnalita game play. I accept the contestants have to have things which can absorb and distract them as they wile away the weeks in the house. Bringing out their wiles is one way to distract them which wasn’t particularly tolerated last year. Last year it was about putting them up against each other and breaking down the extraneous strategies which took away from the healthy life style, remodelling options. To have Courtney, Munnalita and Patti this far into the final stages is quite unbelievable. Patti will learn some very good lessons in Vanuatu. She will return much wiser from having mixed with the ni-vanuatu. Le Lagon is a fantastic resort but it teaches you many lessons and Patti will be attuned to them. I gather Marty is going to be the winner from his second chance re-entry. So is Greg going to get a second chance? Michael? P’eta? Mel? Alex? Wouldn’t it have been so fantastic to see Greg, Michael and Chris contest each other at the end of the show, really have something to pit themselves up against? Mel would have hung in there with those guys and it would have been great to see that. That would have been the high end , athletes end of the contest and what a credit that would have been to The Biggest Loser trainers. The Commando has made his two very tough but they lack cohesion because they are at different levels. Having P’eta in there would help because then Kim, P’eta, Patti, Laura and Munnalita would have a real test of their capacity to endure and it would stop Patti falling foul of this silly alliance. As such she cannot grow independently. Marty would then be placed in a contest where we see how he really holds up and he did before but now, without the others, he is in a league of his own as is Damien. Damien is literally a huge inspiration but he has so much more to lose and to put him running up stairs and then on a 5 hour log haul with a back injury, how did that help? Where was the doctor? Good on Laura for having such compassion and care, but where was the medical help for a back injury when the guy had to haul logs for hours? It is a real injury. He didn’t conk out until the end and it was so good to see him do that cobra position today because that is so good for back injuries. I cannot believe he got no treatment like others have. So now we wait for the rest to unfold…



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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