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The Biggest Loser 2007

So, was that a rowing challenge? How come Chris got out and pushed the raft? Had Damien known that earlier, he might have got out too and pushed his because he and Laura could certainly push a raft. In the end he got out after Chris got out and pushed his raft, but why was Kim so bothered about one paddle if they could push the raft from in the water?I confess I laughed my head off when Damien got onto the raft and then slid down into the middle and was very precariously balanced there for a while. It was so hilarious, but given the size of him, his strategy was sound since it would make better physics to spread the load rather than concentrate it on his backside. Up there for scientific principles. It seems like the show now wishes to portray him as hopeless. The lock down option earlier was not a good penalty and he was likely to lose that challenge with Laura because of his back and the load he has to cart in the first place. He has been a fantastic role model for really overweight people but he and Laura seem to be on the outer. Michelle is still training the Red Team, which are supposed to be duos and Shannan spent most of his time dealing with the new lot of the entitled. A fantastic match for Munnalita because the outsiders are very clear they are there to win and will apply strategy and they both feel very entitled. Entitled to better partners, entitled to better deals, entitled to be considered to have paid their dues like the others. No, they haven’t been through that gut wrenching roller coaster ride where you are eliminated or your friends are eliminated or your team mates are eliminated no matter how much you have trained and done well with your weight loss. I can see they are mismatched. Kim could compete well against Patti and Munnalita but Chris needs a Michael or a Greg and you can see his frustration. It wouldn’t surprise me if he actually had tried to lose immunity at first because he wanted to compete more fairly. He does like a fair competition. I think he got out of the raft and pushed it in the end because he wanted to stay on the show and win. But wasn’t it about rowing? I could understand Damien’s frustration. All week he has been given things which have undermined and pulled him down. He will be grieving for Mel and Greg, and then seeing that they have replaced them with the squabblers, he would have to be asking himself why. People put all the balls in his court to make the pairs decision because they trusted him and his judgement. He hasn’t promoted himself with the pairs. He has matched them well, but Greg and Mel got voted off and they were such models of health and fitness. Damien does have balls, but he needs to be trained and encouraged. All week he has been left to get on with it. It’s very lopsided at the moment. Munnalita and Courtney are there because they have played a full on game. The outsiders wish to do that too. It subverts the real principles even if the game aspect keeps them motivated and diverted. Last year it came back to the real principles and the final four were worthy winners…and the adverts with Kristy and Adro prove it.



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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