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The Biggest Loser 2007

One thing about the mountains in NZ is that they are awesome. They really do have abig impact on you and each time you turn and look you do a double take because they are so big and so there! Right in your face. The Haka was a great way to start and when Maori rub noses with you , you are one of the tribe and it does get inside of you. It’s such a big honour but the Biggest Loser people honoured them by paying careful attention to their lessons. Patti was the only one to remark that she didn’t want to insult them by having fun…by thinking they would think she didn’t take it seriously, but the others were all very careful to apply themselves and learn in the way they were being taught. So their mountain climb had its rewards and they were rewarded. I could have done without all the Munnalita mayhem again. It’s more offensive the second time around. I accept for her to break with her fat she has to grieve. You cannot lose anything of significance in your life without grieving and she is going through the grief process. It bodes well, but I really didn’t need to see all the flashbacks which were trying and difficult to watch in the first place. A lot of damage came from her behaviour. Ditto Courtney, but he is far more serene and logical these days. In harmony with himself. Patti is the one who really needs to grieve. She is holding so much pain and needs to be able to cry it all out and get angry when she needs to. I felt moved by Damien and Kim. Damien got the visual metaphor and visual metaphors are powerful teaching tools and the mountains are a part of that. The strength. Kim was so sad and so ashamed. She felt all the humiliation of being that fat woman and it was very touching. It was astounding how they all trekked up that mountain with all that weight on their backs and they did it with such power and dignity. Shannan and Michelle were brilliant coaches and they got them through the gruelling physical demands and talked them through the metaphors so they could offload their emotional baggage. They are expert trainers and would have learnt a lot themselves. It was so mighty to see Damien power up that last bit and just reach for the stars, the universe and everything. He was so right about how people that big are made a fool of and mocked and that no one should have to suffer that. As for Chris…weak as a kitten in the gym, clapped out sick in bed today…and it looks like he passes out on the flying machine. Grasshopper has a lot to learn. Isn’t he lucky he is in good hands. Bob was onto him…I think Shannan is. Hope so…Shannan can achieve positive ends in surprising ways.



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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