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The Biggest Loser 2007

So I’m packing my bags for the Misty Mountains
Where the spirits go now,
Over the hills where the spirits fly…

Shannon and Michelle impressed me tonight. They are both so confident, competent and capable they could easily have done the I’d do this, you should do that, well, if you’re going to this….I think you should… They could have just told them. What they did instead was light the path and let the 3 of them realise for themselves what their strengths and weaknesses were and let them conquer the challenges for themselves and draw their own conclusions. They were very clever at letting the contestants learn the lessons they needed to learn and see the picture for themselves. When you are very good at something it’s hard to play the role of just letting people learn in their own way and their own time. Courtney’s moment was very touching. Michelle could have pumped him up and got him to jump, but instead she let him work out his own reasons for jumping and learn that he can make tough decisions and dare his own self to do what he wanted to do. He was so scared. So panic stricken and all of a sudden he thought he could do it and he did. In all that terror he had clarity because he thought Michelle would push him and make him, but she didn’t. She let him decide for himself and that meant so much to him. Kim flummoxed Shannan because she didn’t see the rock face as a challenge. She saw it as stupid. I was with her! She said she wanted to put her feet where she wanted to put her feet. I knew that feeling well. We’ve seen Shannan climb up rock faces like a lizard. He just thinks they are fun. So mentally they were poles apart and yet Shannan worked with her headset and showed her how to love what he loves, by letting her go through her own process. In no way do the trainers treat the contestants as stupid. They treat them as intelligent people who can work things out for themselves if they are shown the way. So Kim swore her way to the top but she did it and she got such a buzz from it. She conquered an alien activity and made it make sense to her and the top of the mountain view was the reward…and that she loves. Nature. Poor Chris. How many issues does he have and how much careful help does he need? Shannan respected his fragility but his need to seem and feel strong. A tricky path for Shannan to step and that was his challenge. Chris has a lot of issues, as they say, and today he started to realise what that meant. He needs help he can trust because I heard him call himself a reject. He is intelligent, capable of achieving excellence but doesn’t understand that a steady approach leads to excellence. He is realising his health is more important than anything and he is starting to see that looking after himself is of value. So he met his challenge too. I so want to see that young guy just laugh and be happy. Damien almost got him going one time and Shannan has worked out how he ticks and knows how to engender trust. The fear Chris faced was that he’d mess up and it would be ruined. Well, it wasn’t because Shannan interpreted the truth of it to him and that was so important. Great show. Great views.



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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