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The Biggest Loser 2007

When the decision is made by a sausage, well, you can hardly expect it to be sensible. Prior to that, decisions have been made by a lump of stone, albeit water purified and flower strewn. So, it’s not really about a journey. It’s not about destiny. It’s a half cooked sausage with a half baked idea. As with any other sausage, paying tribute to one of the most inspiring , awesome, genuine contestants is not considered. Damien was removed from the show with not a word about all the huge amount of effort he had put in, the personal strength he had shown, his capacity to endure without allies and friends and his undeniable inspiration to others. Bob understood who he was, what he stood for and what he could achieve. Bob could allow Damien to see that vision and know what he was working towards. Shannon admired the guts, the determination and the capacity to overcome any hurdle put in his way. Damien had more to lose than anyone. He was not kept on the show. No one had to do that. When they put the balls in his court, they told him they had ultimate faith in him and he did not let them down. They also respected and understood he was doing it harder than they were and then, when he has that much trust, he’s the one you want on your side. So many contestants have said he is inspirational and awesome. His trainers have said that. I do believe Shannon was at the door of his welcome home party. Certainly looked like it. He did not have to do that and it says something about Damien. Shannon was gutted. So many emotions ran through his head and I guess he was professional enough to keep his opinions to himself. His gift was tucked quietly in his pocket. Thank heavens we saw Damien because he looks amazing. I wish he’d grow back his beard. Between his leaving and the end when we saw him again, the show just rattled around with the catty comments. Kim and Chris started their “end” bit out of the house at the beginning of the Biggest Loser series. They started the same day as the others and trained with the Commando so they are proper contestants, we just were not told about them. They were stuck with each other and there is no love lost between them. They did not have to go through stone decisions and eliminations but they did survive the sausage shemozzle. Chris could be very fit but he looks gaunt. If he is losing weight then it’s because things are eating away at him. He hasn’t had the benefit of the psychological support of the house. Courtney, Patti and Munnalita have had each other all the way through so they have the emotional stability other contestants have not had and a lot of peace fo mind when it has come to the tough stuff. Others have really had to put themselves on the line. Damien was not eliminated, he was unceremoniously dumped and for a contestant who has brought so much inspiration to everyone it is unthinkable,even if he comes back with the eliminated contestants on Tuesday. And Marty , if he comes back will be having his 3rd chance. He is touched by luck, but he looks so damn well and so damn happy. He is a model of what ought to be the core values of the show, as is Greg, as is Mel, as is Damien…and I suspect Alex. I really would have liked to have seen P’eta stay and go the distance. Kim’s shaping up too and if she is losing weight well, she still has the loose fat to lose like the others did. As they tone up they lose less and rightly so because they are forming muscle. Should there be fiddling going on to promote women and a woman winner then it will be seen as that and it won’t do women any favours. If a woman wins because things are favouring her or she has an inexplicable weightloss of 9kg when normally it’s 2/3or 0Kg, well, women really don’t need that. They need someone like Mel who can hold her own no matter what. She really is an inspiration to women. So, Courtney or Munnalita? Munnalita. Courtney actually showed he was prepared to compete against Chris and sulked when he lost…and that’s a healthy sign because he’s always relied on his new found sisters to cover for him. He needs to learn to get in there with the best of them…by himself!

The Biggest Loser



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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