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The Biggest Loser 2007

Courtney has come a long way and there was no need for him to volunteer to take Munnalita’s place. If at this late stage of the show the woman, who thought she had the divine right to eat 2 Mars bars and then be determined to tell her trainer, said if she had left the show she was thinking about having pizza , yes, she needs all the help she can get but not from Courtney. Courtney has demonstrated he has got it. He has really got it. The game aspect of the show spoils the overall pleasure of watching people change and grow and learn to be healthier, fitter, confident people . It’s disappointing that one of the final four who was leaving the old self behind appears not to have got it at all and it’s just being there which is keeping her on track. Patti has got it. Chris had it but needed his head sorted out and Kim most certainly has it. The girlie stuff was very patronising. The men have fallen by the wayside largely through the game aspect of the show which can be far too random and therefore skew the good messages. No game and we would see Patti grow into a strong , independent woman and that is what she needs. She needs to know she is a strength in her own right and Courtney has learned that…because he took Chris on and would have won but for his Titanic tangent. I am still laughing about that and it is possible to now see how much fun Courtney could bring people. Kim knows her own mind, is able to take on the tasks and challenges no matter what and that is a real woman of substance. She is not frightened by anyone nor does she feel like she needs back up to survive. She can stand alone, swear her head off and learn , and learn with a great deal of application, even if she cannot see the point at the time. I shall be so glad to see the eliminated contestants and I truly hope Alex gets a decent shot at it this time. Marty has had two and I’d like to see Greg, Alex, Kim,Damien and Mel go for it. So, for me, the worthy winners are Greg, the powerhouse, Alex (most likely) because I loved how he kissed the big red tomato good bye, Mel – what a woman, Damien for sure because he lugged so much weight through everything , towed than plane to victory and has been acknowledged widely and openly as an inspiration on and off the show, Marty because look at him now…but he was a bit rough with the girls, Kim because she is strong and has a real commitment to changing herself, Chris because he is young and so determined to get it right even if he is a bit gung ho at times and I just want to see him smile. Courtney has made more of an emotional success of himself and so I would like to see him rewarded in another way because he deserves some limelight for changing himself into a positive, successful human being. Jules deserves some accolades too because she toughed it out and stood tall inspite of the bucketload of massive problems and concerns she had. What a bloomin’ courageous woman she is. She is worthy of a real mention and prize for courage and fortitude. As for P’eta , I’d like t see her have another go too because we really didn’t get a chance to see what she was made of and it seemed to be great stuff…so I have a lot of winners here!!



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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