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The Biggest Loser 2007

If the trainers were sad Courtney had been eliminated last night, how happy were they tonight to see everyone back and feel the positive energy of success. It was just so fantastic to celebrate all the achievements and positives and it was living proof people look so well out of this programme. In or out of the show, they just look so well, so happy. Smiling. The ones coming back were such a breath of fresh air because they were so confident and pleased with themselves. They radiated vitality and immediately the trainers picked up on that and could rip into it. Do what they do best. It was so sad for Mel to have to leave, but the stress fracture on her heel has to be allowed to get better and it would put her back weeks if she injured it more. She was just such a positive, lovely person and such a role model. I am sure someone will grab hold of her and make the most of her good influence. Alex needs to write a book of weight loss wisdom. He comes out with some great quotes and they are so appealing and so original. Kelly, well, look at her now and there is a lady who can stand alone and compete with the best of them. She is a sole parent with 2 children, a police woman’s job and the gym to juggle and her achievement is inspiring and she very nearly won that challenge and I am glad Gerard didn’t go with his heart because no woman needs that kind of patronising. It shows . Women can stand and compete in their own right.Mel could have, but she is injured and Kelly just about nailed it. Munnalita really did go into a zen mode and lasted for a long time. It was incredible to see everyone again because then you see how much happier everyone is, how much better it is to have a mix of personalities and to see how everyone has come so far . It’s great to see Chris have some real competition and know what it feels like but all credit to the Commando for producing two winning candidates and managing to get chalk and cheese to get together and work at challenges for weeks. I am not looking forward to the temptation. The sushi train was funny and fun and it was in keeping with calorie counting and budgets. It put a good twist on the show without forcing people to do the wrong thing by themselves just to get immunity or whatever the temptation is. I hate seeing people who have battled to overcome all the rubbishy existence they have had being more or less forced to do something negative just for the sake of strategy. I am now of the opinion it would be good to roll contestants in and out of the show…but how many times can Mel leave and how many times can Marty come back???

So, who is the Biggest Loser? They all are by the looks of it!!! They could all have a share of the prize money. What they have done is exceptional.



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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