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The Biggest Loser 2007

I said yesterday I was dreading the temptation because it forces people to do the wrong thing in terms of what ought to be the values of the show. So this temptation put some good prizes, a couple of naughty eats, one of which wasn’t too bad, the GAME OVER and the white shirt for free entry to the weigh in. Why didn’t Greg listen to his wife??? It was horrible to see him gamble and lose but AJ asked some very pointed questions, as she always does, and got the picture straight. Greg, for all his success and capacity to be a winner, his level of fitness, his popularity…all those positives, Greg did not actually believe he could win a shirt in a real challenge. Look at him. He looks so fit and well. He has a great personality and a wonderful capacity to engender respect and trust. He can influence in a really good way. Everybody loves and admires Greg.You see, the one thing Greg has that no one else has is his Gregness. He is so Greg. Very special…and can make some daft choices at times, like raiding the Blue fridge and justifying it, like voting Alex off. Like trying to win a white T Shirt when GAME OVER is a very real possibility. He learned a lesson he needed to learn. He learned a lot more than that too. He learned that everyone cares about him. Everyone respects him. No one could believe he needed to gamble like that. He learned that Alex is his best friend on earth and we learned why we have hung in for Alex all this time even though he was sent off at the first elimination. Alex is a beautiful, wonderful human being with a strong sense of justice. Alex understands right. It wasn’t right for Greg to go like that but he had to play the hand he was dealt because he had chosen to be in the game. There is absolute right and then there is hazard and chance. Alex understands right and what it means to have someone know what they are worth. Alex showed Greg how much they are both worth. Heaps. Marty and Michael could be self satisfied because they had not participated. When Courtney had participated and eaten over 2000 calories one time he lost heaps of weight at the next weigh in. Greg takes a chance and there is a sting in the tail which hurts big time. So, no, it’s not fair but it is how it is. So what exactly is the Biggest Loser? Mel gone last night and in all honesty she was never going to be the biggest loser. She’d have to become a wisp, a complete stick chick and even then she probably could not lose enough weight, yet her value as a human being and contestant are huge in their impact. So, now we are up to the Commando…oh, dear. No Greg. No Mel. Is it supposed to feel right or wrong or just be?



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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