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The Biggest Loser 2007

Great show. Out on the beach, at least. What a fabulous contest which showed their humanity as well as their determination. Courtney has learned to be a friend, a collaborator and the biggest lesson he needed to learn…how to reach out and touch somebody. He looks so much better for it, sounds so much better and has a self assurance he never ever had which made him so petty and dependant. Today, he was independent, he was able to determine his own fate and he was able to hold his hand out in friendship and feel the power of that. What a great hug between him and Alex at the end. No way were they losers, either of them. Alex is just great. He has taught everyone so much. Marty could learn a lot from him. Since Marty left the show he has had this real air of self righteousness which does not sit well. This is now his 3rd chance and he believes that he is really entitled to it, but you see him alongside Alex who didn’t even get a chance and who has since battled it out on his own with the little help he did get and yet he has come back to the show a beacon of light and full of Alex wisdom and warmth. A real success story and a human being you can really admire. He is so determined, so dedicated and yet he never loses sight of the achievements and worth of others .He and Courtney were able to just celebrate their own success as two human beings who had fought the good fight and come up winners because they had each other there and some great people on the boat! The guys on the boat were chuft! Whooping and hollering and just so spun out and deliriously happy. It was a great moment because Michael was a real winner and had shown his worth. I was so excited for Damien. You know, that thing in NZ of the visual metaphors, I have thought about that. He was the one who powerhoused it up to the top of the hill with all that massive extra weight he had to lug…216 kilos, and he got to the top and celebrated his magnificent weight loss and then shared the celebrations of the others…and the next minute he is unceremoniously dumped off the programme and out of our sight by a sausage. What was that all about? I have flown over NZ. When you look down you see all this virgin land and these magnificent land formations. You see the green , the rich browns, the snow. It truly is an awesome sight…so he would have seen that. The magnificent landscape and the power of it visually. You do not forget it. So what happened to Kelly? Obviously last but we didn’t see her which is part of the problem of a 30 min episode and the belief we are goldfish and must keep forgetting things because we have to have everything repeated. I hope Kelly was all right. She has come a long way too. Come to think of it, where was Kim in the gym? We saw nothing of her either. The camaraderie and comradeship of that contest was well worth seeing and Courtney’s comments just had me chortling. He’s quite a good media personality when he is like that.

The Biggest Loser



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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