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Do more of what you are good at

Do you do what you are good at? Is your time frittered away in the service of others or do you feel swamped by your to do list? Are you already thinking you just don’t have time to do what you want to do let alone what you are good at? Time to sit down and look at reclaiming some of your personal real estate. Time to make changes? Not that easy? Feeling frantic? What are the things you derive inspiration from? For me it’s art, nature, learning languages and textiles. When I am really busy I do not aways have time for my textiles. But I can sit and knit when I am watching a film or TV. That makes me feel better. I learn my languages in the car. Not at the beginning phase. That’s too distracting while I drive. Once I have learned a few things and I am relatively competent, then I use CDs to review and practice in the car. I don’t notice traffic james. I don’t get bored driving. I turn it off if I have to really concentrate. I have really impressed myself with how that works. Nature becomes a part of my day because of how and where I drive. I chose the roads that take me past the ocean, the trees, where I see the hills. I make myself go outside during the day to look at the sky and the big gum trees. At home I have nature all around me. I made my garden so it would attract birds. Doesn’t take much to change it. I also get the lizards and skinks now…and the horrid giant ants!! Art…I try to go to art shows when I can, or watch programmes on art. I try to notice it in the shopping malls when I have to shop. I have artistic friends. I make them show me what they are doing or insist they bring pictures to show me. Having changes my approach I actually find I have time for the things I am good at. I am good at languages. I am not good at art but its influences are in my textile work. I love nature. I like thinking about how I can change my garden. I even suggested things at work and to my surprise they actually planted more trees and plants and got indoor plants. I just mentioned it in a morning break conversation. It got picked up. It’s all in the approach. Never think you are not good and you can’t!!



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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