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The Biggest Loser 2007

I have to heartily congratulate Chris for playing the strategy game to the max and acing Munnalita. Thank you linesmen, thank you ball boys. He, too, was in there from day one. Everyone was in there from day one but the Hash House Harriers (see previous post) approach to this year’s Biggest Loser meant there were a lot of false trails, the usual penalties, a few rewards along the way and a chance to knock out “the front running bastards”. If the Hash House Harriers are drinkers with a serious running problem, The Biggest Losers are eaters with a serious training problem. It has been harrowing at times, but in the tradition of the Hash, those on the false trail have had to exit or try and find a way around it. Chris has used his brain as he has run through this whole , gruelling game. He has found the trail and he has run hard and then, aced it in with the strategy so that he can come into the leading pack. I admire his gamesmanship. He wanted the money to take his family away because his mother has been fighting cancer for the last 8 years. Can’t knock him for that. He has remained focussed and done what it has taken but his brain has made him rise into a different league because this year the strategy has cruelly twisted the game. He faced up to it. Like Laura, I do not believe he should be responsible for his mother. I think he should be responsible for himself and that is the lesson he has learnt but his mother’s dismay at his thinness might affect that. Laura has still helped her father and chooffed away on a steady weight loss to look after her own needs and that is good. Chris will probably realise he needs to look after himself too. He has one life like the rest of us. It was obvious he cared about others when he took on the young man brought into the house for him. Chris took that very seriously, looked after his new friend and got through to and connected with him extremely quickly. Chris actually really cared that he would make a difference in that man’s life. Pati looked mighty glum for being the one to be left in the final. Her face shows her emotions but you don’t always know what they are. Didn’t she think she should be there? Did she actually think someone else should be? Why couldn’t she be as upfront about it as Marty? Marty got in on a second chance when Jules left because he had lost the most weight. The show should have put in a woman but maybe there wasn’t a woman to put in. They could also have held one of their famous contests, but they just did it on weight loss and yet Chris showed you can really do something about your weight if that is what the show demands. He does look thin, but the show wants you to lose weight. He is stuck when it comes to the rules. Marty was voted out again but when they all came back, well, he held his own in the super challenge and Michael was just extraordinarily good. No way were the ones in the house fitter and stronger than those outside. That was nonsense. So Marty won his place if only one was to be won. Only one. Hash House rules can be a bit harsh. The main thing is not to leave people out there wandering for too long…and the show hasn’t. Pati is a bit of an enigma. Some of it is her Torres Strait background and it is clear that culturally her finals place means so much to her , her family and will mean a lot to her community. When she said they wouldn’t even know she was in the final three, then that brought it all home. She is now a leader and a guide and it’s critical that she break free to be her own, independent self and feel really good about that so she can be a strong guide. In her community it is not taken for granted. I don’t like how she got there but the show didn’t really have any other options there than to run this Hash House course full of dead trails and penalties. I have to look at that pragmatically. I’d like to see her skin cleared up because her sister has beautiful skin. Maybe Pati has a food allergy. I used to get a lumpy skin like that when I drank coffee. With a lot more confidence she will look stunning and I want to hear her speak confidently for herself. Frankly, I think the strategy spoiled the show this year and stuffed up some contestants quite badly. The favouring of teams and individuals wasn’t good either, but I guess that’s the Hash House approach where you set people off on a course and they run hard to try and get to the finish and some have friends to help and some don’t and , as the hare, you try and lift their game by creating a bit of intrigue and confusion. Just look at this year’s contestants and you can see they are a brilliant bunch. Everyone has lost so much weight and done so well. Everyone looks fantastic. Even Chris is smiling now. They have been such a dedicated lot because they did lose the weight and they did embrace change. Head or heart? I’ll always go with heart. Always. When I saw Adro win last year that was all heart and I had tears rolling down my cheeks I was so stoked for that little guy to have finally got there and got there so well.



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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