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The Biggest Loser 2007

Squish, squish, oh, pass another Kleenex. Was that a feel good show or what? Jules. She is so unassuming. So lovely. Has suffered so much. She left the show in week 6 because her heart couldn’t take it and the contestants gave her a touching farewell. That said it all about Jules. She has since kept up her training and a supervised health regime. Looks wonderful and so deserved the brand new car that Shannan and Michelle delivered right to her door….complete with the biggest hug from Shannan. There is nothing about her which says she deserves anything or should be considered above anyone or that she has the divine right to be recognized because she, too, was in the house from day one until she had to leave. For her to add having to leave the show to her list of massive blows in life and then to go out there on her own and keep up the good weight and lifestyle changes…well, is that a story that blows you away? What a fantastic woman.
Sorry, but next to her Marty is sounding a bit reedy thin in his arguments. All of them started on day one. All of them were forced into a pretty tough game. Chris had no choice about where he was. That was part of the game plan he was dealt…because then you have to come in as an Outsider when the two favourites are ousted and face the onslaught of criticism and sniping which is unleashed and just hasn’t stopped. He survived that emotional barrage. He kept losing the weight. He is criticised for losing the weight but how else is he able to stay above the yellow line? He was not given a healthy option and he was in there on his own. He had no allies , no compadres. He had to stand there alone and take it and he has got himself into the final three both by his hard work, his toughmindedness, his capacity to face up to the facts and his ability to play hardball. Not bad for a 23 year old who has a mother who pulls up all his clothes right in front of millions of Australians and who expresses her shock…yes, he was thinner. Did you see him when he went in? At 23 he did have the body of an old guy and a personality to match. Now he is young. Thin and young. He is entitled to have his youth. The Commando speaks well of him and he doesn’t tolerate fools at all. He makes winners. Shannan helped Chris get it straight and someone needed to. Shannan worked him hard but worked hard on his headset. The Commando made him unstoppable. If Chris wins, then that is a very straight arrow being shot into the future. If 23 year olds are looking and sounding like Chris did, well, wake up Australia…Chris is coming to help you.

Pati looked so much more relaxed off the show and was her light hearted , calm self. When you see her start off, she looked ill. She looked miserable and beaten. She probably did need to get through any way she could because she was lost. So lost. I’m thinking she could have done with a good dose of the Commando to start with because she needed to find her independence. No self esteem but a lot of resolve. I am still not comfortable with how she got there but I keep asking myself how else Pati, being Pati, might have been able to do that better? She comes from a background where people and loyalty are everything and you stick by your friends and along the way she wasn’t happy to do some of the things she did but she hadn’t learned to be a person in her own right who can just decide what she wants for herself…until she came second behind Chris in that canoe race. She came out of nowhere and surprised him. That is what she is capable of when she is confident and is not side tracked by others. Same in the big tyre challenge. Pati got in there herself and operated from a position of strength. She has more weight to lose and if she does this herself with her own people and background, then that will say a lot about her. It would mean a lot to her and her culture and it would mean more if she has done it her way. Does she inspire? Not me. She has changed herself dramatically and has the possibility of inspiring so many…will she? I hope so.

But full credit to the show…each one of the contestants has really improved as a human being on the outside and inside. Each one of them looks stunning and each one of them deserves full credit for learning the lessons they were taught…even though it’s been a tough race this year. Really tough.

The Biggest Loser



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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