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Biggest Loser 2007

So who’s going to win? Well, if we’re doing Hash House Harrier (see earlier post) rules…then it’ll be the one who gets to the finish line. The survivor of the game and course. To be honest, I am surprised who ended up in the finals and that was really made evident when we saw the Commando’s grand tyre challenge. He certainly knows how to even the field and pick ‘em. Then again, I was surprised to see Fiona standing at the finals last year. The one who always ate to gain immunity. Her path was pretty ordinary…but look at how she brushed up at the finale! In contrast, we have a bunch of contestants this year who have just been awesome. They have had such different lives and such different reasons for being the big people they were when they first came on the show…and when you see them now, boy do they all shine. They have all made such a stirling effort and the show can be thankful that they had a group of people who could roll with the punches and who could be tipped in the manure and come up smelling of roses. This year’s Biggest Loser just threw everything at them and look at all of them. These guys have shown Australia just how to do it. They really are amazing people and they have all achieved well in a different way, so if you are looking for a blueprint, this year’s contestants have given everyone a very satisfying array of choices for how to improve their health and fitness. Gold stars and plus points for variety and inspiration. I didn’t like the game aspect, but that’s part of the Hash House approach. So the three who are left got there under the conditions they were given and now we wait and see who is left standing. I like Chris for having come in late and having to face up to the criticism and deprecating comments because he arrived via an alternate, sanctioned route. I admire him for looking at what he had to deal with and just getting in there and working out how he was going to stay in the game and on course no matter what anyone said. He played it by the rules he was given. Alone. That’s a tough call. I would like to see Pati win as well because I want her to feel that inner pride and sense of self. I know when she goes to Vanuatu she will learn a lot of good lessons and will realise exactly what she stands for and that she has a right to stand tall and proud. She was so miserable to start with and so defeated. She’s stood up in challenges but she hasn’t stood alone until now, so it’ll be good if she pulls it off. Marty came second in the super challenge for the returned but it was the weight loss the show decided was the thing…so Micheal’s impressive first counted for nothing. These things don’t sit well with me. So Marty lost the weight, he looks good and he has plenty of confidence. Chris and Pati still need that unshakeable self esteem and it’s what made Adro such a great winner last year. He was the one who didn’t quite believe in himself and to see him win was the thing which nailed it and the results of that are now evident because he has stayed on the path so that he can help others. For unsurpassed inspiration though it has to be Damien and Jules. They have shown everyone that anyone can do it no matter what obstacles are in front of you or behind you. Jules has pulled herself through all the tragedy of her life and a heart condition and has made the supreme effort of sticking with the programme and doing so well. Damien hauled his big body out of the great big black hole it was losing itself in and pushed himself through absolutely everything he was given, got Mel back to the blue team because she so needed it, hauled the plane to victory, hauled his weight to the top of the mountain, hauled himself up 74 flights of stairs twice to win the building challenge, hauled Laura’s weight to win the pulley challenge, gave comfort and praise to others, actually made Chris laugh and lighten up, got all the balls in his court and then had to haul his sorry ass out of NZ when he was unceremoniously dumped by a sausage. That was 216 kgs that achieved all of that! That is one helluva guy. The noticeable thing around the neighbourhood this year is everyone is out there…big, small, fat , thin…they are all out walking, running, jogging. There are really big people out there too, so I think Damo and Jules have really helped those who really and truly need the help. Damo, incidentally, is the name for one of the significant spiritual masters of Shaolin who trained the only female Shaolin pupil, Minglian. I have loved watching the trainers. It was great to have them all because they all have a different way of working with people so you learn a lot and maybe that’s why this year’s contestants have truly shone like diamonds. I am really looking forward to the finale and anticipate being bedazzled!!.



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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