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Biggest Loser 2007 Aftermath

So here’s our winner, Chris ,and he so reminded me of the guys I used to go to uni with. The tall, lanky students who were into maths, science and computing. They looked like this and had a bit of awkwardness about them. Chris spoke to Shannan about wanting to take his mother back to Russia because she had been ill. He hadn’t wanted to talk about it, but Shannan tricked him! So I hope Chris will be able to do that and relax now he’s home with his friends and family. The game aspect was a tough call this year and maybe TBL needs to look at that for next year. Kimberley and he cam in towards the end as outsiders and they both did remarkably well. He , Marty and Pati were all showing signs of strain. Marty covered it well, but he had said he could do that when he first came on the series…and yet all of them had bright,sparkling, happy eyes. That last bit would have been so hard on the 3 of them. They did look less relaxed than the others but I tell you, those big, huge, genuine smiles last night said it all. I really think the mental and emotional help they got this year will make a difference to the long term effects of the show. I think they’ll all be able to rally and keep themselves on track better as a result of a more comprehensive approach. But look, I cannot resist:
Look at how genuinely happy Damien is. No sign of strain of feeling inadequate of being the fattest person in loser history!! What a label to make someone wear! He was radiating confidence and happiness…and when he sings, he pulls the house down!! It was nice when he got Chris and Chris was trying to sing along side of him. Fantastic end to the show . Last thought? The audience was very supportive and appreciative of everyone. They richly rewarded all the contestants with genuine warmth and happiness …so it would have been a really great night which celebrated the outstanding positives of the show.

The Biggest Loser Club is a great idea to keep everyone going and motivated. Great interim use of the site. A concept to be worked on and developed because people do take notice fo the Biggest Loser.



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

One thought on “Biggest Loser 2007 Aftermath

  1. Chris? why was chris so special? did you see how he treated the other contestants? and himself? he was going anorxic and like hardly ate. And you like wrote an eintire article on him. he shouldn't have came on the show in week 7. laura & p'eta get it, week 2 aint too bad, and chris likes attacks the other contestants. Kelly wasn't my favourite, but i wish she were there. she'd absuloutly flog him so bad. i miss jules, gerard, greg (hottie), courtney, munnalita and laura. (strange combination) i especially miss jules and gerard 😦


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