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SIFF Review: OSS-117 – Cinematical: “Hubert is of the bumbling variety of spy, who, in the tradition of Maxwell Smart, Inspector Gadget, and Austin Powers, somehow succeeds in spite of his ineptitude.”

This is the only English review I can find of OSS 117 and it has reviewed it well. Says it all better than I can! I have just bought and watched the DVD and it is very reminiscent of the Peter Seller’s films which I loved so much. It is a real spy spoof and it is well done because the stereo types both make you laugh and realise how far we have come. Jean Dujardin is just so good. He’s smooth but can overdo it like Peter Sellers and he bumbles his way to success with some very slick and equally inept moves. It’s that mad mix which works. It is set in Cairo and I was a bit worried at first that it would be disastrous and painful to watch. It’s not. The women really bring a touch of class, oomph ,some real glamour and fun to their roles. All the supporting actors are carefully chosen and execute their roles to perfection in this complete and utter send up of old spy films. I can see from my French searches that the film is widely appreciated and has a good following like Austin Powers’ or Peter Sellers’ films. If you are looking for something a bit different and lightweight, try it…but it will still make you think.

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