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It`s official – gardening is good for your mind, body and spirit

It`s official – gardening is good for your mind, body and spirit: ““You can reap almost the same health benefits from gardening as you would from a workout in the gym, and it isn’t just your body that gets healthier after gardening. Your mind and emotions can also improve,” says BUPA’s Dr Sally Cubbin.”

This is from, but you don’t have to be later in life to benefit form gardening. I garden for the very reason stated here and the site has a lot of really helpful tips and information about the health benefits of gardening. I am not a gym person. I am not good at that kind of exercise. I like to be doing something as I move. Yoga is different. I have learned over the years that nothing replaces the flexibility and strength benefits of yoga. I like to garden. If I am cross I can work it off with some digging or really active pruning. If I am flat, I can just potter and before I know it I am developing something good, so it changes my frame of mind. I play with the dog while I’m out there and who could resist her winning ways for exercise? I don’t get swamped by gardening and I don’t let it become a chore. Sweeping is fun, watching the birds is fantastic and finding the odd cute visitor is a lovely surprise. I tend to garden to a theme and that way I am motivated, busy and rewarded. Like today. It was all about the pot plants. I have repotted some, topped up others, got rid of dead bits, watered them with my bucket. In all of that I have been walking, lifting,bending, reaching, stretching…moving all the time and happily doing what I love. I feel better, the fresh air has done me good and I now have the next step which will be fixing the edges. As I work to a themes I can see the changes. The cool and green stuff has come along well in winter, my succulent patch is looking really good and I have a bit more shade. All the pruning I did after our harsh and hard summer has made my garden look better. One of the tricks is to keep away the dead bits. At the very least it’s a bit of snipping but you can get into full swing with carting dead branches or pruning dead stuff away. The shears are great for an energetic work out!



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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