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Co-pilot demanded to speak to God

Co-pilot demanded to speak to God : “‘It was quite an experience,’ the passenger wrote. ‘The entire mini-cabin could hear the whole thing. Not for delicate ears. The soldier and the doctors (who were passengers) were great.'”

Given what happened at Heathrow the other weak and what has been happening on planes lately then pilots will be under enormous stress. This story is remarkable because the comments of the passenger lead me to believe the whole thing was dealt with in the open and someone who was clearly in a very disturbed, fragile mental state and in need of a lot of consideration was actually dealt with in a calm, caring human way. It also indicates the passengers were prepared to accept someone could be in that acute state of instability and were able to allow doctors to manage the situation. It sounds like the whole thing was managed thoughtfully and considerately. It was a good idea to divert he plane to Ireland. It gave them a chance to calm the co pilot down a bit better. It meant they were not getting off into a really busy airport and further distressing people. It meant the passengers and crew just a bit of time out to get their heads together before they faced their families and their public. It sounds like another great team effort in the air and we do have to be increasingly proud of ourselves as human beings that we are managing some very tricky stuff in a down to earth , practical, non judgemental way. We are learning simply to stick together and solve the problems for the benefit of everyone.



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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