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Older men with prostate cancer can wait and see

Older men with prostate cancer can wait and see: “Men in their 70s and older who are diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer can safely ‘watch and wait’ because they are not likely to die of it, researchers confirmed on Wednesday.”

I am not actually surprised to hear this and we do need to clarify the situation. I have known quite a number of older people with different forms of cancer. The ones who have been treated have often died..some within 6 months. Others, who have refused treatment for things like lymphoma and prostate cancer and who have just taken their chances, as they saw it, have lived on with a good quality of life for quite a number of years. There is one lady in her 80s who had treatment for breast cancer and she recovered well form it even though there were a few problems when the treatment finished.She had a wonderful GP who worked with her . She is now mid 80s and hail and hearty. I am starting to think older people might need to approach cancer differently and that we need more and better information about how older people can tackle the disease. There was another old guy who had spinal cancer and he had been sent home to die and he was still there in NZ 4 years later when I went back walking around the shops and enjoying life. He died two years after that. He managed it on painkillers and exercise. There is quite a difference in the way older bodies and people react to and manage cancer.



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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