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The Biggest Loser 2008

Shannan wasn’t happy, Michelle wasn’t happy but in John we had a man of great wisdom and compassion. When he heard of Steven he thought of how hard he had fought to get into the show. He remembered Steven had a little girl and John said he would give Steven a big hug when he saw him. John realised it was there but for the grace of God…and it was chance he had a place in the house and that Steven had every right to be there because he had a life ahead of him and a strong,fighting spirit. John doesn’t know Steven got broken by being taken out of Australia too far from his home and family. Bob’s face was a classic…so full of mischief when he said the Black team would wipe the floor with them. Bob loves mischief and Jillian backs down from nothing. I love them. They are great people and they turn out winners and people who believe in themselves. They are expert. Shannan and Michelle have come a long way this year but it is no reason not to have Bob and Jillian on their case and put them up to a challenge. Some were very poor sports about that. There was no divine right to enter the house. The 3 over in LA have proven their worth and the fact they got left out means we would have lost them. Bryce is going to be someone to contend with as will be Carrieanne. Michelle is on a par with the others in the house and it’ll be interesting to see how she compares. Steven has done better in a nurturing environment and probably would have been okay with John around. John grounds people. Even when they moan about him it is still quite clear he is a stabilising influence and he has a pretty good perspective on everything and everyone. Debs rubbed him up the wrong way, but they were good sparring partners. I felt today they all rose above their pettiness and grew, except Sheridan who has an interesting version of reality and it is difficult to establish whether it is her version or her game version. She certainly has an odd take on things and the walking off into the forest was bizarre and was given a beautiful commentary by Cosi. It was bloomin’ hilarious. Michelle can’t stand wet people and she hates excuses. I am surprised she has let Sheridan look after herself. Michelle normally helps people like that get a better view of life…like Garry. She really got through to Garry. Shannan is the great optimist and a fantastic team builder. As I see it , all the trainers have their strengths and can learn from each other. It is not a competition. Shannan builds a great team, Michelle knocks the wimp out of women in particular; she hates pathetic women, Jillian gets people to be tough and really believe in themselves and Bob…he makes people bullet proof and physical. So… yay!!! Game on!!!



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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