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The Biggest Loser 2008

My mother died of cancer and it was a roller coaster ride for the 6 months from the start until the sad end. She was tough. She was strong and she taught me 2 good lessons. The first one was when she told me that sitting in a chair was not living your life. “You cannot live your life sitting in a chair.” the second one was , ” You cannot live when you are thinking all the time about dying.” Rules are rules. They do not take psychological conditions into account. John has had to wear a heart monitor for his safety, so that the show can be seen to be taking care of him and, rationally, it is in his interests. His “bullheadedness” is understandable if you have known anyone with a serious heart condition. Most men throw in the towel and give up and just let themselves die. It is that black and white for them. John has made a serious effort to live with his limitations and demonstrate that he can rise above it, but he is human and I think what my mother has said has come into play. If he is wearing a heart strap 24/7 it is a constant reminder he could have a heart attack. It is a constant reminder he is mortal and yes, it is a good reminder, but to break free of that and just live from time to time is how you grab back onto your life. It’s how we got our family member who had two heart valves replaced and a bypass to get hold of his life again and start working on himself. I daresay John has to leave the show because he broke that rule, but I can understand where he is coming from. He needs a lot of understanding and a good kick up the backside…just as Shannan gave him. Shannan just laid it all on the line and Kirsten’s tears let John know he is valued and human…and daft sometimes. It’s how you get people through that really tricky stuff which means life or death. That part of the show was critical information. Fantastic stuff. The rest of the show was fabulous. The Red team needs a serious kick up the bottom because it’s moan, moan, neep , neep, neep…argh, rff… OMG…and Sam is just held to ransom in that team. He was to be the sacrificial goat and he is not valued and he is prevented from growing . I hope he can go back to the Blue team so he gets a chance to develop. The return of JJ was hilarious. He is actually pretty funny even though he can be annoying. He is straight down the line and just a simple bloke…but he is funny. Cosi is becoming more straight forward as he loses weight and improves his image. He is sounding more and more together and can be funny. Before he was sniping and being very mean spirited. It is the game aspect which is worrying though because it is really rather destructive. With the Commando, Shannan, Michelle and then Bob and Jillian we are going to have a great time with all the trainers. Such a fantastic way for us to get the best of all worlds and I think it is good for the trainers to be challenged as well. It keeps them flexible and vibrant. No chance of stagnation there and no chance the white house is going to be dull. I am so looking forward to this because hopefully the whole thing will lift right up out of petty mode and they’ll just fly along. John, if it is true he is leaving, and it seems like it, will probably do well with friends and family as his security base as well as the expert help he will access for the rest of the season. Great twist of events. Love it!!



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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