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The Biggest Loser 2008

You have to work pretty hard to be that negative because you actually have to think about what you are going to say and you are anticipating aa reaction and then plotting a counter reaction. It’s hard work being negative. JJ and Cosi must be exhausted. Cosi loves it when he is calling the shots and expects everyone will fall into line while he is king of the castle. When it’s his turn to be the receiver of decisions then his tongue becomes very sharp and he becomes quite aggressive. Garry complains as does Nicola but Cosi cannot hold back. JJ though is making everyone aggressive and likes to get a nasty reaction so that he can threaten back and then double, triple threaten. I am sure he stayed in bed thinking the Commando would do his bidding and come and get him. The Commando worked with who was there and just didn’t put any energy into him. Wise decision. JJ is more that ruffling feathers and it seems to be a way of life. Bryce can’t help himself and nor can Michelle. They just take the bait and become so thrown off balance. John and Sean took no notice and were like the Commando. As it stands, JJ is creating some difficult circumstances and I think he needs to be where he is happy and that seems to be in his truck. My tuppence worth is for Michelle to stay in the programme because she needs to become independent. At 20 she needs to be mistress of her own life and beholden to no one. She shouldn’t take the money if there is any doubt she will be back where she started. She, like Sam, is very young and so overweight. She was so overweight and so miserable and the thing about this show is you see how out of control the young ones are. …and the older ones…but to be that young and that overweight they are not even getting a chance in life. They need to get back in control and they have had a chance to do it with their families and themselves and it has gone wrong. They need a chance to let someone else get them on the right track because something has gone so drastically wrong and experts need a chance to put it right. Michelle did argue well on behalf of Sam whom Cosi so kindly humiliated in public. Let’s face it, the Reds would not have taken any wounded so they have to take their own medicine. I hope Michelle stays. The money is worth nothing if she puts all that weight back on.
Bryce and Carreianne had a point about just taking the money and running because there would never be another chance. It would help them win too! I think this is why Sean and John had to go. For them friendships and their health were more important than scheming and money. Someone has to go to even the numbers up. I am glad the twins are split up because they need their independence too and they shouldn’t have an unfair advantage over the others. Nicole is looking pretty good and so much happier so the decision was a good one and evens up her sabotaging of the tug o war!



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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