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The Biggest Loser 2008

That was awesome. The best show ever. So inspirational, such fun and really emotional at times in the most touching way. It was great for Alison to meet Kristie because it is just what she needed at the pointy end of the show. It’ll give her courage and stop her from thinking she is just a worn out ,second rate Mum. Kristie has remained remarkably fit and positive. It was good to see Tracey too because she left under a bit of a cloud and we missed out on the gifts she can clearly give to others. Adro has changed . He speaks differently: he sounds so positive and he has balance. All the things he so desperately wanted and was nearly cheated of on the show. It was actually a real pleasure to hear Courtney’s drole comments. He could be quite blunt and cutting but there was a wit and cleverness no one else has ever had. Wal continues to be Wal. A legend. He is tall, calm, confident, full of cheek and goodwill and an inspiration to all older men. They too can look that well and be brimming with joie de vivre and confidence. Damien remains a legend. As the biggest loser carrying the most weight in any series he has an aura of personal influence that no one else has. He is so honest, so straight , so composed and so genuine. He has the sexiest eyes and a capacity to engender calmness and courage. He is gentle but fears nothing and no one and he was treated quite badly. He was dumped unceremoniously from the show in a sudden death elimination in NZ but remains one of the most awe inspiring people we know because none of that has diminished him in any way. To hear Bryce speak was to hear what a lot of young people are thinking. They look up to people like these biggest loser legends. These people mean something to our younger people and are providing the adult guidance they need. Damien did give Sam a hard time in the gym, but Sam needs to be toughened up now. He needs to find his inner man and he needs to be nurtured by older men so that he can grow into a strong man himself. It is time to get Sam out into the open and let him thrive. Adro was knocked back by Bryce’s strength and it may well have been Shannan that unleashed Bryce yesterday by giving him someone to trust. It was a great moment for the ex biggest losers and it will serve to encourage them and it will change the dynamics of the show for those who are left. They may feel less like victims and more able to deal with Cosi and his strategies. Sometimes when you get a group they fall into roles and then the best performances are missed as they fulfil their roles. Having the legends back may have reconfigured the group. It was clear in the programme just how much Bob and Jillian had given to the biggest losers and just how instrumental they had been in turning people around. Adro was hanging onto Bob for dear life. Jillian had heard Kristie’s pain and talked her through it. Jillian had broken Courtney’s silly attitude and Bob was as awestruck and awe inspired as we were when that big man mountain of a man Damien hauled than plane to victory. As I watched it again tonight I was nearly crying as I was last year. That still is one of the most inspirational acts of human courage I have seen. We were stunned as that big hulk of a man hauled that plane and Bob was just yelling his lungs out for Damien…who got there and then just collapsed. The footage still makes your mouth drop, your heart soar and is such a powerful piece of visual literacy. An amazing show with such a high impact. So beautifully orchestrated. Well done , Biggest Loser. Well done. It is no mean feat making home grown legends and you do it so well!



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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