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The Biggest Loser 2008

So, by the end of the show I was thinking…OMG, who are they going to vote off next week? When you look at the line up they are all pretty deserving. Alison because she has struggled, she has found herself, she can haul a 9 tonne truck over 400 metres. She has looked after people and she needs to believe she is worthy. Michelle and Bryce were taken away to America and then dropped back in the show when the teams were bonded and the game had well and truly started. Then we find out what Bryce has had to deal with and come to terms with and we watched Michelle pass up 50 000 dollars to put her new self and new lifestyle first. That’s a lot of guts from both of those two and they are arrows to the future. Sam got sent to the Red team and was treated like the scapegoat and sacrificial lamb. He survived it but it was a big stumbling block for him. Garry has started to lose weight and won the bus race with Patti…but last week was the first time he passed up temptation. He has indulged himself in that way. Cosi has lost weight, got himself fit and has used his head. Not well enough, though ,because the strategy argument came right back at him tonight courtesy of Sam, Bryce and Michelle. They made their point very clear and coming from young ones , it was heart warming. Kirsten held the Blues together when John and Sean were not able to compete fully in challenges. It was her strength and steadiness which held down the Blues…and she beat the two guys in the pool. She’s solid and reliable. So I guess I’d be saying Garry. The only problem is women tend to lose less weight than men. Bryce and Michelle have consistently worked hard and consistently lost lower numbers. Cosi just drops the weight off…so would Alison and Michelle go back below the line? Kirsten even? The boys can always drop the weight and the only way to stay above the line is to lose weight. Chris showed the fault in that last year. But the others have done well to break the alliance because it was the triumvirate which brought in the Hash House Harrier rules last year and Chris just took the only option and won. At least now there is more chance of a fair win and I worry for the women, but it is not like last year. I think Garry is the one to go now and he is on the right track and looking and sounding so much better. I’d like him to beat Cosi because Cosi tends to intimidate him somehow. If Garry could do something he values, he might have more faith in himself. I am really looking forward to the makeover for all of them. Bob looks like he is getting pretty emotional about it and that is lovely. Nicola looks young again now she is out of the house and retail therapy , along with the training, works for her! She seemed happy enough.



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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