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The Biggest Loser 2008

Oh dear…that was so good but I tell you what, I shed a tear or two. It was so great to see them all so transformed…and beautifully. Some of the best transformations we have seen. Alison looked beautiful and I am so pleased. I hope she believes in that image she now has. I hope she can step away from the tired Mum once in a while and remember she is a very pretty woman. Kirsten was the show stopper. She had turned from plain Jane into a very cool Kirsten indeed. Bryce was just plain hot…he has just changed so much and it was so hard to watch Jillian get stuck into him and break him down so he would face his pain and truth. He looks so much better now and has permission to be himself instead of a mask. Michelle looked lovely. She has such a pretty face and will be astounding when she loses the rest of the weight. Sam is such a puppy. He comes up with some great lines and is so sweet. He is a lovely, innocent, kind person and his mind never stops. He is a great person. Cosi looked years younger and was starting to sound it too but the trailers of what is to come showed he was binge eating and none too sorry about it. Like a badge of honour. I know people losing weight often go down that track of breaking out and dropping there bundle only to come back to the right path again. Some don’t. He is not a Biggest Loser if he is going to gorge. We are not aware any other Losers have done this. It’s a fact it happens but not on the Biggest Loser trail. To me, it puts him out of the running, but he was doing all the classic emotional eating because he so dotes on his wife and loves his family. His cutting tongue has hurt people but it is because he feels lost without his love. Garry looked cool! So much younger and in touch with himself. His brother and he do look so alike. It’ll be good for Garry to feel really confident in himself. It was fantastic to see them all, to know that they could see their families and that the trainers could actually sit together and celebrate all the good work they have done. They have worked hard. They need to respect each other and the value they all have in transforming others. It was good to see them take pleasure in their protégés. It was a great show full of real and genuine achievement. Cosi and Bryce look normal now and when you see how they used to look there is no comparison. Nor Kirsten. I look forward to the rest of the week…but not the gorging. That is not good. it was hilarious to hear Cosi bagging Michelle for being soppy when he ended up soppy…like the rest of us. Soppy is what happens sometimes. You just feel like crying….and I did tonight because it was just so darn nice!



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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