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The Biggest Loser

That’s outrageous. Garry has put on weight, been opportunistic and undermined the values of the show and there you go…he puts on weight and stays and it’ll be Bryce who is going. Kirsten, as we know from the challenge, will have sufficient votes to stay. Get rid of a male. Bryce has worked damned hard, been taken to LA by the show and then been an outsider ever since along with Michelle. That’s wrong. So is Garry gaining weight, using it to his advantage and then being rewarded for it instead of being eliminated okay? Look at the way Bryce trained tonight. …and consistently through the whole series. He has done everything right. He has been a team player, he has taken up all the challenges, he can put the logic and rational thinking back into Cosi’s crooked thoughts, he helps others, he has stayed focussed on fitness, health , training and nutrition. He has turned from an ugly duckling to a really fit, hot guy…and he is now punished for it because Garry swapped with Kirsten…so Bryce will go because the show wants a female winner and the contestants don‘t like the two Black team members. Bryce, like Sam , is just not getting an even break nor any rewards for doing the right thing and being a decent human being and role model. Garry can eat his way through the series like Cosi and they get the show’s benefits. So Bryce won’t be going to Hawaii nor does he have any prizes. Cosi won the prize for the challenge and that was deserved…the guy worked hard. It is just warped right now. Very warped and a weight loss show which regularly gives bonuses for over eating and weight gain is starting to look a bit sad and that’s a shame because it has been a really good season in many respects. Garry should be instantly eliminated for gaining weight and then using that as his swapping weight. Why Bryce lost so little is a surprise because he works so hard and is just so strong in the gym. Bit odd, really. As for Alison and Kirsten crying because they might have been facing elimination together…where is the compassion for Bryce and Michelle and the acknowledgement they have worked hard, faced many challenges, done well and have only had each other? This series is about the privileged and the non privileged. It is not about weight loss and healthy lifestyle.



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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