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The Biggest Loser 2008

The show was quite a muddle tonight but it was obviously get Sam night and let’s promote Cosi again. No one should be tampering with food. No one should be water loading either. You have to be able to know what you are eating. You can taste the difference between normal food and calorie modified items. The taste is quite different, but you have to be able to know what you are eating. Water loading is something which is underhanded and unfair since you are not penalised for gaining weight and you can even give that weight to someone who has worked damn hard and put them at risk of elimination. Some can water load and others cannot. There’s no equity there. Putting food out is nothing. These people ought to be over it by now and they have to go home. I am so surprised Garry is still in the game and still there…but it would be hilarious if he got to stay in and Cosi had to go!!! He really hasn’t done this last lot well and he has eaten his way through the game and now he appears to have water loaded. Cosi looks like he is going hungry. Probably why he is running out of energy and feeling lethargic. Cosi,though, is the one who was binge eating in the house. You wouldn’t go along to alcoholics’ anonymous with a bottle of brandy and a glass of it in your hand. You wouldn’t go to Weight Watchers and sit there and stuff your face on chocolate biscuits, lots of bread and who knows what. That in house binge of Cosi’s is unforgiveable when he is surrounded by foodaholics and it could have destabilised them and set them off again….and may well have been one of his famous strategies. Sam should not mess with the food. No one should, but who knows what they have been doing. I do not want Sam off the show but it looks like Kirsten might vote for Sam. So much for using her head…no Sam and that’s another person she can count on go. She showed her colours in the 7 deadly tonnes challenge and they were not favouring Sam at all. Kirsten is looking after herself. So using her head she needs to nail Cosi because he was top of the leader board and won the super challenge by miles. You can’t always like the winner but it’s always nice if you value them as a person too and there’s not much in it between her and Cosi, but his personality has been rather mean spirited at times. The real highlight of the show was Bryce.That was a fantastic break from the convoluted twaddly approach tonight. He just looks so different, so happy and extraordinarily well. That’s the biggest loser. Didn’t do a thing wrong, helped his friends, met the challenges, overcame his fears and just went for it and reinvented himself…and what a self!



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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