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The Biggest Loser 2008

If the objective of the show is to “refocus and bring it home” then tonight’s episode has some interesting possibilities. Cosi thought they had messed up their strategy as the returnees but I thought their strategy was devised so that Sam would have an advantage at the weigh in ( presumably to get Kirsten, the biggest contender) below the dreaded yellow line. I like this thinking approach rather than the allegiance/conspiracy approach. I like it when they use their minds because it’s not just about personalities then. Cosi , where was his head at? Sam got the weight advantage and he and Kirsten had worked out it was to their advantage to let the returnees choose and NOT eat the food. That was an excellent bit of thought on Kirsten’s part. I think she had the idea first. She is running hard with her head as well as her fitness regime. She is a very strong competitor at this stage and that has to be her Olympic background and training coming into play…and she is no fool. Sam has a good brain and works things out very , very quickly. He has such a cute face too! It was nice to see him get a win and a reward. He has had a lot of kicks through this series. Like Michelle. The two youngest contestants have done it really hard. So the 12 got what they had planned and then Cosi is saying they had messed it up. He sounds like a clear thinker but time and again the Blue team have picked him up on this with their strategic countermoves. I never would have thought I’d be in there for Garry, but I was tonight. He refused that disgusting food and the chance of the weight advantage at the weigh in. He chose to stand on his own two feet. He chose to pull himself away from being controlled by others and food. If it’s about refocus and bringing it home, then he is on the right path and in a strong way. He needed Cosi to be out before him. It has given him so much more confidence and without playing second fiddle to Cosi he has now found out he can think for himself and make good decisions about himself and his future. This is a HUGE breakthrough. Alison , by contrast, lost ground tonight. She ate the sickly muck and then ate it again even though she didn’t need to . It was clear what the picture was and she claimed to be sickened by it half way through the first slice. Not so. She wasn’t sounding any different and about bringing it home. Sam was in there and had his head screwed on and sounded very good in the commentaries. Kirsten was solid as…but a bit too cerebral. It’s a hard balance to achieve. Of the returnees, Sean is looking and sounding good, Bryce is the most changed person in the whole show. He walked in as a big round bulk of a man and now he looks so buff , so happy and he can think too. He knows what things mean. He is so changed and he will challenge Cosi and can stand up to him. Carrieanne and Michelle are looking and sounding pretty good too. Michael looks like he wants to be free and just leave all the stuff and nonsense behind and good on him. Debs is lovely. Just so happy and relaxed. So I want Bryce back in and I don’t mind if it’s Michelle or Carrieanne. I kind of would like the latter so she can just get in their and give it her all. I think her twinship holds her back. Bryce is unstoppable. Sean is unstoppable but for a different reason. I don’t think it would suit him to get back in the game aspect but I’d love him to win something lovely for being so capable after nearly falling off his perch big time. The weights which are coming look a bit too horrible but it’ll make a break from the foul food fixation of this series. I guess the show just likes to see where the contestants are at in terms of vile muck!



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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