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The Biggest Loser 2008

The challenges are really tough this year and I must say the contestants are up for them. They have thrown themselves into all the challenges which is why it is very unfortunate to have Cosi whittering on in his denigrating way about all the “clowns” he has to put up with episode after episode. It completely undermines the fantastic effort all the contestants have gone to this year to participate in such tough stuff. It was great to see the trainers participate too and become part of the team. My feeling is they will get Michelle to win along with Cosi and Nicola to make sure a woman beats the Commando and that there are 3 Blues and 3 Reds (3 males and 3 females) and the 2 Blacks are out of it. It can be terribly contrived at times, The Biggest Loser , and that is the thing which really annoys us because we are not that silly and there is no need for it. Tonight I had no sympathy for the 4 finalists who have to let two others back. Possession might be nine tenths of the law in their book but what do they think the other contestants have been through? Bryce summed it up with that flashback to the sand dunes where his fat, round self had to lug itself through hell to get his second chance which he has been beaten around the head with ever since. Michelle got dumped from Hawaii over a bottle of soft drink even though Cosi and Garry had gutsed themselves so far into the “game”. Sheridan has left the house and gone out there and had the courage to reinvent herself and come back with a more poised version of herself. She is no longer laughable. Quite an achievement. Sean has gone through a lot of pain but has supported his team and beaten the odds to come back alive and well and 60 kilos lighter. So, no, I didn’t feel sorry when they were carrying on in their insecurity. They are not there by divine right. They are there because The Biggest Loser wants a female winner, Cosi has to be head commentator and the game skews everything so only some people get noticed and appreciated and the others are doing really well on their own. The message is…you can do all of this without the game trauma! It was a great challenge though. Really tough and hotly contested. Everyone there is brilliant. Shannan , though, is incredible. He has two contestants who are wider than the others so they have more weight to lug uphill and they are slower on the crawling under the bar. Shannan can sum that up easily and praise the two of them to the hilt for doing their utmost to give their all. Sheridan, too ,had it all in perspective and could see Shannan just wanted to go for it but was doing the right thing by his contestants. That is a great trainer.



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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