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The Biggest Loser 2008

That was a very heart warming show. Positive, encouraging, funny at times, and a true testament to the contestants this year and their trainers. Yes, Bryce has experienced all the trainers and you can see it. He has also achieved all of that by helping others as well as himself and without the benefit of Hawaii. He has really only had Michelle as a team mate because Steven left quickly, JJ was erratic and then gone and Carrieanne didn’t get past being back in Australia really. She got lost immediately to her twinship. She was showing so much strength and fire. It just fizzed and couldn’t be reignited. Bryce was there tonight looking every bit the athlete, the fitness paragon and the nice guy…and just so good looking. Without an alliance to fall back on, by having to switch trainers all the time and without the mental and endurance training of Hawaii.. He came on the show looking so awful. The only one who looked not so bad and who had improved but not changed totally in looks was Alison. The others just looked so bloated ,sick and depressed. Alison was overweight but her children had probably given her a sense of purpose. Kirsten was lonely and miserable. Sam was destroying himself as was Garry and Bryce was bloated with pain and grief. Garry just looks so fit and relaxed now. Alison looks so happy and well. Sam looks just so cute and young. Bryce has totally changed himself and made himself a real winner and has learned well from his trainers. Kirsten says she is happier but I am not sure. She can smile now but I think she has a few issues to deal with before she can lighten up and just be a happy, young woman. That was extraordinary seeing how they had looked. This series has done well because it really has got people fit as well as slim and it has got people so happy on the whole. Alison is radiant. Garry is so proud of himself. Sam looks like he’s woken up from a dream. Bryce is just ultra chic now and Kirsten is no longer plain Jane but she has to feel it on the inside. The way they trained the trainers was extraordinary. I have never seen Shannan and Michelle caned like that. It was fantastic to watch. You know how strong those two are and you can see it…but for them to be worn out and pushed to their limits? I have never seen it. They have worked at a higher level with this year’s lot so this year’s lot can pay them back better and then step up to high intensity training with good grace and enthusiasm. A great show. Anyone a winner. They are all deserving but for me the Biggest Loser is about the one who has really turned themselves around and marched into a new self and life and really and truly kissed the old one good bye. Like Adro.



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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