Posted in dopamine, obesity, overweight, The Biggest Loser, wellbeing


If you watch The Biggest Loser then you will know that fat people have no pleasure in eating until they learn to feel well and happy. Each series you learn that fat conceals layers of misery, low self esteem, lack of capacity to deal with some pretty traumatic events and then ill health . Once they start exercising and and learning the place of food then they do become more aware of flavours and taste sensations, so somehow you need to put that together with this article to get an approach which will work everyday for people. It really isn’t about pleasure in food. It’s about hiding in fat.


Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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