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Algal Bloom

Algal bloom in village river. Taken in a small...Image via Wikipedia

They are using ‘solar bees’ to filter the dam water in Warragamba. Algal bloom has become increasingly a problem in our water ways, but it is also a problem for our dams and swimming pools. The climate has changed and the algal bloom growths have been a constant , nasty nuisance. It would be good if we can now have the technology to filter water so that the algal bloom cannot grow. Treating it is not really a safe option for drinking water. We are not the only country to have this problem as you can see from the picture of a waterway in China. Australia is a good place to test technology though because we have a smaller poepulation so should things go wrong or not according to plan it does not usually impact significantly. It also means equipment can be tested before there is a large capital outlay for more populated coutnries.
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