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Recycled sewage ‘will have bugs’

 Recycled sewage ‘will have bugs’, Queensland Government warned | The Australian


“The probability is that something like 8 per cent of these impurities will get through, and that is assuming the system is working properly.”


There must be a way we can recycle sewage and make it safe and not so expensive. Other countries do it and they use it in different ways. I don’t want it for drinking water. I really am not convinced it is safe and this article doesn’t convince me it would be safe. It seems to be very expensive and the article is a remainder that we do need to look at water reuse and we do need to get so much better at it. We have been installing rainwater tanks and underground storage in some new buildings. We have had mixed messages about grey water and we are reluctant to mess up the soil salts. We need better technology and advice with regard to grey water. it also needs to be simplified. If you keep it simple we can all manage and get better at it. We are not helping ourselves by having 19th century practices in the 21st century. We are getting ideas, but they are costly or not quite ready to be put into practice. It  just cannot be done in an ad hoc way.



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