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Life Lessons from Kevin Rudd

Kevin Rudd taught us some good life lessons yesterday as he had to give a farewell speech after a lightning takeover by Julia Gillard, our new first female Prime Minister. We didn’t expect this and the massive blow to him was something he had to sustain in a public arena. He taught us well. Clearly he was emotional and his son was struggling to fight back emotion too. It is okay for men to feel and to express that hurt. He spoke of the things he had achieved. The biggest and most memorable achievement was he headed the government in a “Sorry” ceremony as soon as he was elected. Something which meant so much to our indigenous people, something which no other leader could bring himself to do and it was one of the most moving days in our country’s history. As he let go the reins yesterday it was clear he came from a very loving and supportive family, something we all need  on our bad days but which is essential to surviving the really tough times. You cannot replace or do without solid relationships. He was upset. How would you be feeling if someone took over your job with right on their side? It is something which can be done here. You’d be more than struggling but you wouldn’t have to go on television and before the whole nation. But he did and he did it well. He pledged his commitment to the Labour party and to continuing in a competent capacity in his new job. He expressed a lot of gratitude to the people of his electorate in Griffith and to the others who had been focal in helping him. He is a man who has done a lot to help the health and wellbeing of this country. He has worked hard to include everyone in education, he has helped increase organ donation because he has a heart valve replacement and he has currently been working for cancer victims. So he managed the day because he could be proud of his achievements and he noted them publicly. He could name people who were his support and he could feel the care from others. He then has a plan for the future. He knew what he would do next. So he might have been feeling indescribably broken and awful yesterday but he had a way of managing it and a way of continuing to manage it. He did not become vindictive or a victim. He will have a changing range of emotions as the reality sets in but he has some good ways of dealing with this and he has shown us all. The heart warming thing was a Facebook group arose to respond to his need – “Don’t worry KRudd – I am not the Prime Minister of Australia either.” People notice and respond if you let them and he let us.


Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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