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Biggest Loser 2012

Before we get too carried away with the joy and excitement of Margie winning The Biggest Loser title for this year, we need to take a step back for a moment and pause. I started watching the series the week Michelle was eliminated and how wonderful it was last night to see a beautiful woman with so much talent reach her potential and her dream because of this show. Margie’s story was very painful. It was clear she was hugely at risk and had she not gone  on the show, who knows what might have happened. Look at her now. She is funny, confident, an elite athlete, very thoughtful and full of the joy of living. The story of last night’s finale was one of true inspiration and dedication. Every single one of the trainers had taken a holistic approach to their charges. Everyone one of the trainers can be enormously satisfied that they have literally saved lives. You do not have to listen for long to some of these stories to know how crippling and devastating living in the real world has been for so many people. They were dreadfully at risk. Now we can look at Margie, Brenda, Graham, Lydia, Alex, Kasey and a whole host of others and know that this particular series has gone out of its way to make people well. Not just fit. Not just the body beautiful and not just an image. Healthy, happy people with the right to dream. Something our world had taken from them in a dramatic way. Daily living is driving people to depression and the edge. What you could see in exchange in the eyes of the trainers this year was a real warmth and genuine happiness. They had given these people their all to balance and then tip the  negativity scales so each person could then drive their own destiny and outcome. Hayley, their compère, was a part of that positive psychology too. So it wasn’t just about beating it out in the gym or the cross country event. It was about working with the whole person. Michelle called Margie a machine. She was. She gave it her all once Michelle broke down the mental barriers. She came up trumps. Margie is now one of those people who could single handedly change the world. She could train Australia. She could take us all on and make us want to go the extra mile. To think that might have all been lost is a sobering thought. To think Michelle might never have been heard when she has such a beautiful voice. To think Alex would have been that man in total , black despair in front of the mirror. This series got back in touch with people in the same way as it had got in touch with Adro – and hasn’t he rewarded their effort? He looks and sounds brilliant. Margie is a deserving winner and her powerhouse of energy and good humour can now take her a long way. It just goes to show how much care can do as well as action. I have never seen the trainers look so well. It works both ways.


Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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