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Which bread?

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I haven’t had any yeast bread for a week and feel better. I love bread. I wasn’t feeling too  good on it though. Since 2009 it has been compulsory to put folate and iodine in our bread and wheat flour. So, today I did a fair bit of research and I’ll share it with you so you can follow it up. I am still of the opinion you should eat food with the vitamins and minerals you require and not mess around with it. I eat plenty of folate. I know my foods and I was brought up that way. I use iodised salt because lack of iodine can be a problem in Australia. I believe people need to learn about food and produce but the stronger argument of protecting  the population from itself has won out. Can you have too much folate? Too much iodine? I couldn’t really get a straight  answer to that question. The search engines are biased towards the argument for fortifying bread. That in itself was a discovery. I couldn’t get balanced information.  My decision for now is to go with the wraps which I love and to make some yeast free breads like soda bread and banana bread. There are also nice recipes for savoury loaves.  In the mean time I’ll ponder this information. I am not sworn off bread and yeast. I just need to rethink it. 


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