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Saving energy

As much as anything, I use my blogs to sort out my thinking and to store information so that I don’t lose it as I am trying to clarify my ideas. Saving energy at home is one thing I am determined to get better at. To do that I need to get the information and then think about it, sort out pricing and so on. This post is about where I am at and where I plan to go. We have had a number of  long outages where I live in the last couple of years. I am thinking I need some back up power. I have managed and I have been okay but one of the outages was extended. I was lucky. I still had a mobile connection. I was thinking maybe I could use portable solar panels in my garden, as campers do, to back up my main supply in these sorts of events. I was thinking also it might contribute overall to my energy saving plan for my home. It is not worth my while getting permanent solar panels for my home but portable ones could be an option. I don’t go camping so I am not familiar with these devices. I need to get a level of understanding first, then prices and then decide on that one. Meanwhile I am revisiting all my appliances and looking at how I can save energy. I have replaced a computer monitor with a more efficient one. So efficient it even tells me how my energy and CO2 I am saving. Compared with what , who knows, but still. I have replaced items with more energy efficient ones as I have needed to change devices and equipment. That is something to be planned. Most people can’t just throw out what they have and replace it with greener equipment. There is plenty of help on the net to help thinking around energy use. There is an energy rating calculator so you can look at the brands you have. SA Govt has some good information for energy use at home so that you can do a home energy audit or you can get your energy supplier to do a free one on your home.  There is also a downloadable pdf for energy usage on different appliances so you can better inform yourself as to which ones use the most energy. Some people are very good at getting their homes to be be very energy efficient. That is a whole big lot of thinking and planning but it can be done. Most of us need to think it out one step at a time. I am starting with the appliances , the usage and now seeing whether portable solar panels are an option for me.



Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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