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Revising stereotypes

Sister Madonna Buder is Nike’s new Unlimited Youth face and this is the ad. She started running in her 40s and has now become the Iron Nun because she can succeed in the Iron Man challenges. There are other videos of her on You Tube. She works hard, she is very clear  that making the effort is what gets you there. She learned you cannot always succeed but just making the effort would get her to go where she wanted. As an 86 year old she is a great role model for anyone. She is showing that older people can be just as impressive and inspiring as younger people. She is rewriting the belief that old people need to limit themselves. Nike has taken it one step further to show that youth, in fact, is a state of mind and a lifestyle choice. Being active works. Putting yourself out there works. Looking after your mind, body and spirit works.

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Enjoy the sunshine

As soon as the sun comes out, Adelaide is getting the cleaning bug. It is cold now as we are in winter but today was sunny so people were out pruning, sweeping, mowing and sprucing up their homes. When they cannot work outside, they must be cleaning inside because plenty of rubbish is going out. Adelaide has decided that winter is for getting things in order and it’s all healthy activity and beats spring cleaning as I said last year. When you do cleaning and tidying jobs in winter then when the nice, warm weather comes, you can go out and enjoy it in a carefree way. Some people are even painting indoors which is unusual because we usually save the painting for spring. Our gardens are nice because we have had sufficient rain and the potted colour and greenery going up around the place is making everything look nice. Even shops and shopping centres seem to have the revamping bug. I think we are tired of dull and drab and the slacko look – we want cared for and clean and we want to be moving. All good for us. It’s good to give everything some attention and it’s a healthy sign we are doing this, I think. It’s about pride and happiness. It also means we are not sitting on our tushes piling on the calories – we are up and doing . Might be our secret way of beating the heating costs! Much easier to use the nice days by working around outside and leave the fire off.