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Revising stereotypes

Sister Madonna Buder is Nike’s new Unlimited Youth face and this is the ad. She started running in her 40s and has now become the Iron Nun because she can succeed in the Iron Man challenges. There are other videos of her on You Tube. She works hard, she is very clear  that making the effort is what gets you there. She learned you cannot always succeed but just making the effort would get her to go where she wanted. As an 86 year old she is a great role model for anyone. She is showing that older people can be just as impressive and inspiring as younger people. She is rewriting the belief that old people need to limit themselves. Nike has taken it one step further to show that youth, in fact, is a state of mind and a lifestyle choice. Being active works. Putting yourself out there works. Looking after your mind, body and spirit works.

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Women in Parliament

We have an an election going on and Julia Gillard is the first woman Prime Minister we have ever had. Tonight she is waiting to see whether Australia will actually vote for a woman. It is of concern that western democracies find it very hard to vote women into the top positions in a country. Most countries find it very hard. It makes you think really hard when we are in 2010 and women have been in the work force for so long. We have heard what people say about a woman in a top position, what they say to her, what they day about her and what they think is appropriate to say about a woman. It has been a really big wake up call because it has been clear that a woman has to put up with so much trash as she aspires to lead effectively. In no way have we developed emotionally so that we can accept a woman in the role of Prime Minister. Or have we? So what kind of message are we constantly sending to girls as we look around the world? Women are okay but not that okay? If you want to be in the top position you had better be a man? The number of men and boys who look at the top positions around the world remains constant. What is it about women? Why can’t we bring ourselves to just accept them as competent and effective leaders at the highest levels? It’s not right.
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Women Role Models

Fresh-faced with the innocence of youth, shorter in stature and curvier of figure, the models of the late 1960s to early ’80s were a far cry from the ideals of the industry today.
It is good to read that some of our fashion leaders in the 60s 70s and 80s in Adelaide are going to have a reunion in October . They will be talking about their day, for sure, but they will be looking at the modelling industry now. These older women now have a lot of experience behind them and could well come up with something which will help our current girls and women in modelling lead a happier and healthier lifestyle. That many older people together with  the connections they have will be a force to be reckoned with!
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Underweight Models

Designers will be asked not to hire either models with a dangerously low body mass index (BMI) or excessively muscular men

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Australia is set to overhaul the conditions under which models can be hired and work and it is about good health and good practice. Models need to be 16 and women need to have a reasonable weight. The industry is highly competitive but western culture keeps going for the touched up images, the underweight mannequins and the unhealthy lifestyle. We can do better than that because no one should be asked to sacrifice their health or their  healthy image just to be hired in an image industry where looks are everything. We do need to question what these looks might mean and then take action.