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The life of a labrador

This is unbridled joy. How to live life to the fullest. Love how it dives into the pile of leaves. Our animal friends teach us a lot! Would love the life of a labrador!!

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Dogs on the inside

This is the official trailer of the Dogs on the Inside documentary. People get things badly wrong, make destructive decisions and then end up in prison. These rescue dogs are going to a low security prison so the prisoners have made negative choices and are now serving time. As soon as you see the dogs and prisoners together , you can see the energy lift for both 4 leggeds and 2 leggeds. Youc an see the prisoners want to give love and you can see the dogs want to be happy and friendly. It is a very psoitive step. It is part of a system which is genuinely rehabilitating peole and showing a growth mindset in its approach to reforming those who have been down the wrong path. Dogs will create lasting bonds. They will interact and bring out hte best in people. It also means dog trainers and carers are doing something positive and it will add to them and their lives. By creating a situation where rescue dogs are given a home and prisoners are given a chance to move forward, you can see how important these sorts of ideas and initiatives are.