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The power of DNA

I cannot say a lot about this. You just need to pause for 5 minutes and watch it. DNA is a powerful force for good. Who we are is our DNA. Such a powerful video.

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Never give up

Arthur is  such an inspiration. He shows us you just need to decide you want to change and then persist until you find that person who can assist the transformation. For Arthur it was DDP Yoga . The story is here

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Keep Moving

This song illustrates something a friend at work taught me. She told me it was silly to get bogged down in things and worry about this and that. She said it was better to keep moving – go onto the next thing, take the opportunities thrown your way, put your hand up for a different job. She is a lady who has achieved some interesting heights. She doesn’t brag or feel superior. She just keeps moving. She puts her ideas into action. She takes a positive view that she can change things and if there is a brick wall, she moves onto to something else. The Keep Moving has stayed with me ever since she said it. So rather than get bogged down or swamped I am learning to just keep moving. Looking for the opportunities and the positive paths to follow and  shedding the negativity just like that. I found this song just by accident when I was looking for something else – but it has fallen right into place in my life! The very thing to sing along to!
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Life is Change

There ought be no surprises in the fact life is change. People get used to one thing and then life can change dramatically. Sometimes we refuse to accept it and that only makes it harder. Life does not compromise when it insists change is what it is about. We have to get really good at holding onto our memories of the good times because they sustain us. We have to have a plan of action for dealing with change.Fighting it does not work. you have to go with it. You have to do the next thing which has to be done. Take the next step, not think ahead. One step at a time, one thing at a time, no looking backward. being with people is important. people help you manage change simply because they are there leading their life and they draw you along. Their conversations become your new ones. It isn’t always easy to change but as you change you find new things and new people and new facets of yourself and that is probably why life makes you change all the time. before you know it , you can look back and wonder how you got where you did and how you are now achieving what you are. If you accept that change is something you need a plan to manage when it comes along, you will value putting in a plan which suits you. For me it has always been the one step and the one thing and don’t think ahead.
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Creating Success

The Creating Success site offers numersous podcasts of influencial and successful people who discuss how they have created success. The beauty of podcasts is you can just simply listen and you have an opportunity to feel inspired by hearing someone talk about what they do well. Reading about it doesn’t always effect change, but when you hear a voice, you feel more engaged and this site is a good way of just getting yourself in a good frame of mind to think more positively about your own achievements.
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We are what we do is a site in line with Martin Seligman’s positive psychology approach and the research in England on Making Slough Happy. Change is action and if everyone does a little thing then it is possible to create a positive feeling within the community and give others a sense of hope and happiness. At the moment there is a history pin initiative so that you share a piece of your history with others. In my experience , as soon as people start sharing their life, you invariably discover there are some totally amazing humans out there who have confronted and dealt with some incredible challenges. Changing things a bit at a time in a more positive way will counter balance and over turn the bad thing occurring which we tend to look at all the time. We need to change our head sets and this is a good way of doing it. There are more good people than bad. If good people feel encouraged to act then the momentum will build.
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Makeover of the Museum subway station in TorontoImage via WikipediaYes, I have given my blog a makeover and feel really good about it. Moving to the new template is easy, so reconstructing what I had wasn’t too time consuming. It has kept the good things but given them a new look.There have been enough shows on TV like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy ,The Biggest Loser and Look Good Naked, for us to realise and know that a makeover will lift the spirits and re energise . We have seen enough to know when we are feeling flat and uninspired we just need to ring the changes. It is important to change and rearrange to give ourselves a fresh look at everything and get that wonderful feeling of enthusiasm that comes from it. So look at yourself, look at your things…and dare to make a change. You’ll be glad you did!!

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