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Lila Kalis

Lila is quite amazing. She is tiny but very natural and confident. You can see she loves what she is doing and very good at it. Young children can be taught to master things at a very early age. They love things like skiing and swimming but Lila Kalis likes drifting. Her Dad has supported her willingness to learn and she has shown just how normal it is for a child to do something which involves skill and action. I am wondering why she doesn’t need a helmet but maybe those little cars are very stable? Her father knows a lot about these things and so does the driver who was working with her. Not work. They were playing together ! They were having fun and doing something skilled and demanding without it seeming like it. The father said he was not pressuring her and you get the impression he really isn’t. His daughter probably loves what she is doing because he loves what he is doing. Passion for something is infectious.

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Anxiety Disorder in Children

20% of children are experiencing anxiety disorders according to this article. That is a significant number. The research tends to suggest our lifestyle and living environment are contributing it. How to stop the world? How to slow ourselves down. it has to be affecting adults too. Now we have the treadmill going , what can we do to slow it down and stop it? It means cutting yourself away from the pack. It also means more and more people might do it if they see the benefit in you and your children. Children are reacting to change and are suffering sleep deprivation, but I’d say that is happening to adults too. We are all doing to much and trying to fit too much in. We have to change, it is doing us harm and if we don’t deal with it, it will deal with us.
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Redbank House

This is a more detailed article about the early intervention program developed by the Westmead Hospital where experts work with parents and children to help the children cope much better with their extreme behaviour and their emotional difficulties. This program like others demonstrate how early intervention and good early childhood practices can create better adjusted people. We do live in a tricky society and there are so many demands on adults who then cannot cope and haven’t got time to resolve issues. This is a way of lending a team spirit to the whole process of daily living so that each individual can manage.

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Child Behaviour Program

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The child behaviour program at Westmead Hospital  appears to behaving good results. Instead of criticising poor behaviour and poor parenting we have a program where parents, children and experts work together to get better behaviour outcomes for children. Unfortunately adults seem to be preoccupied and incredibly busy these day and then they seem to have a lot of issues themselves. To have a team of people working with them to resolve some of this so that they can manage their children better is a very productive way of going about things. In the long term it will pay dividends because currently poorly behaved children are burning up a lot of salaries in schools, the workplace and  the police force. Working out ways of diminishing stress so that everyone can manage their lives sensibly is a great idea and cannot come too soon.
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