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What does slowing down mean to you?

That was bizarre. The woman is in a completely different age group to me, she is at a different stage in life and yet, her video looked like my life at the moment. I am watching the ocean, walking on the beach, enjoying my yarn arts, reading , doing yoga and walking in nature. I really am taking the time to take the time! She articulates well what slow living is about and why you need it. We do glorify doing and it’s as though life has no meaning if you don’t have this grand todo list of where you have been and what you are doing. I am lucky I have a dog who really loves walking. That may sound odd but my other dogs preferred playing , running around, fetch, all of that. This dog is in my life now and she just loves walking. She started me off on this slow path. I was thinking I needed to reclaim my life. I have always had too much to do, have supported others, done so many things and worked really hard. I have achieved a lot and it has defined me but all the time the things which were important to me were being neglected. I did some sewing, some knitting, some crochet, some cross stitch but now I have time to really think things out and to really involve myself in my projects. When you are driven like you are in life then you pump a lot of adrenalin and it eventually impacts on your health. You don’t sleep properly, you don’t exercise properly and even if you think you are eating well, once you slow down you realise you were limited in your choices because of time and energy. I have had a chance to meet people, talk more, really notice the clouds. In many ways it is as I grew up. We often had times just wandering or sitting and looking or sitting and chatting. Like the woman in this video I love my technology. It can be very inspiring but it is also a great way to produce and share ideas and keep connected with people in a really good way. I have found it odd that after years of being uber busy I now have tome to think properly and notice. I am doing a journal about slow living. It is already set up and I follow the pattern. The balance she talks of is what is missing. If you work then there is so much to do there is no balance. Over the years the amount of things expected has increased. Profit, cost cutting, profit, streamlining have all meant good people are pushed too hard. They are reliable. They are there , and because they are there, they are overworked. The only solution is to work less and want less. When she talked of decluttering it was an indication we are driven to collect things in one way or another. To be slow, you need to simplify your life and be genuinely content with less.

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Concentration is actually a sign of being calm and in control. When things are going well, when you feel well then you can find it easy to absorb yourself in what you have to do and give your tasks your full concentration. Our world is full of demands and distraction and sometimes it is not easy to calm yourself and get your mind settled. You could do worse than read the advice here given by the Australian Institute of Sport. In our working world we are often forced to live with external distracters and so we might have important things to do while other things are going on around us. Mostly we cope. I have noticed at work that some people play Solitaire on the computer just to get away form it all for a little while. I find if I do something like matching pairs then my mind is working a lot better.These puzzles by the CSIRO suit me just fine.
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The International Institute of Not Doing Much

The International Institute of Not Doing Much is all about slowing down. it’s about getting away form the frenetic pace, it’s about my previous post of learning how to take your time. There is some good advice, some good reading and a wonderful sense of entitlement to the belief you have a right to feel happy, relaxed and in control. We created the stress. We need to uncreate it. The humour on this site really helps you to see it differently. The world will not fall apart if we slow down and do things properly and ENJOY doing things properly. Racing around and being overwhelmed all the time is not dignified.

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One thing at a time

It’s not easy in an ever demanding world to do one thing at a time. The constant pressure to be multitasking is very real. So stop it. Stop it at once. In the end you’ll feel the benefit if you concentrate on one thing at a time. Refuse to be led into trying to do everything at once. 
1. Step back and take a deep breath.
2. Focus on the one thing you are actually supposed to be doing and do it well.
3. Politely ignore the interruptions and requests to be sidetracked unless it is a genuine emergency.
4. Enjoy what you are doing. Take pleasure in it. Get it right and be pleased about it.
5. Smile. It’s amazing how easy it is to work if you are smiling. It is easy to deal with a phone call if you are smiling and it is easy to deal with others if you are smiling.
It takes practice because we have become driven. As soon as you step back and focus on one thing you will start to notice how stressed out and frenetic others are and how unreasonably demanding our world can be. You actually become more efficient and accomplish just as much this way. The difference is your state of mind and your sense of wellbeing. Start now. Do one thing and do it well.