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Winter Wheat

Winter WheatMildred Walker was a very well credentialed writer who was also a creative writing teacher who dies at the age of 93 in Oregon. Her novel is about Montana where she had lived for a long time. There is no sex, no drugs , no violence and no drama. It’s a slice of life and about Montana. It held me captive for the whole time I was reading it because it was so sane and normal. It was about a young girl growing into a young woman who was discovering what love meant and who was living her life in Montana. You come to understand the rhythm of life in Montana in 1941 and you get to be a part of that life as you read the book. You can see and feel the change of seasons. You come to love the farm and the slow lifestyle. People are living rather than being entertained, stimulated or diverted. They are battling the elements and relishing the small things in life. It is such a contrast to how we are living now. The descriptions are vivid and the experiences are very real. It is not ramped up, artificial or confected. It’s life and the descriptions allow a full appreciation of the experiences in a place like Montana just before WWII. I loved being an invited guest there.

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A Blue Flavoured Blog

Plateau du jeu des petits chevaux, variante fr...Image via WikipediaI was actually looking for some practical advice on how to put out real fires but came across this blog with information about putting out fires in a metaphorical sense at work. It describes the behaviours and then how to deal with it. Game , set match, thank you linesmen, thank you ball boys. It was a really interesting helpful read and when you see boss behaviour described like this and then you read the advice, it makes you feel more confident at dealing with it. You are not caught up in the smoke and mirrors because you have a way of responding. So thank you for that and I pass it on here!

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