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The 9 Rs

9 Rs Image : Sustainability for all 

I am big on reusing, repurposing and repairing. In the end it’s a habit which you can develop and a way of thinking. I also have got my friends and family into that style of thinking too. We help each other repair things, or find a new use for things or a new home. I collect things to recycle and to hand on to charity organisations so I know that they will get good use. One of my friends said that was a good way of thinking because it gives you a sense of purpose. He is helping to rebuild things to be handed on to charity organisations and refugee camps. As a world we have improved our capacity to redistribute and that is because we have thought about it. Organisations like OzHarvest build the relationships so they can redistribute food to the needy. Adelaide has a number of artists who have created wonderful pieces from leftover and excess materials. Some are beautiful  and intricate art works. Others are metallic sculptures which are as impressive as they are inspirational. Greenpeace has a good post about getting beyond reuse, recycle, reduce. We are doing that, but we need to keep thinking about it. We cannot live sustainably on a planet which keeps producing more and more and more. In the end you have enough and enough is plenty.

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More Women Homeless

“‘Elizabeth’, 62, is an IT professional who says she found it hard to work because of age discrimination. When the global financial crisis struck Elizabeth could not afford to pay her mortgage so she was forced out of her home.
Initially she lived with friends but when they had to move interstate, Elizabeth was left homeless.
“There is a fine line between having a roof over your head and having nothing,” she said. “
According to this article there has been a rise in homelessness in older women and we are trying to put the picture together. Homelessness in a country like Australia ought not exist, other than for those who choose to live that way for philosophical reasons. We not only need to get the data and information, we need to have a wholesale plan of attack to resolve this .Now.