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Grow your own veggies

The Little Veggie Patch Co are good at getting people growing! Their approach is based on doable ideas , a straight forward approach and then upcycling where they can. They have approached gardening in a very visual way. Their book, the 1-Minute Gardening is a photo book with text which gives you tips and ideas. I was lucky enough to get a copy of it as a present for the Christmas before last. The main point to this video is you can grow vegetables anywhere. You do not need a huge amount of space. In one of my  homes  I was growing veggies in the wall box on the front patio while I was setting up a big veggie patch in the back garden. In my current home I am rejuvenating my veggie patch and growing some veggies and herbs in pots . Parsley grows around my back garden. It’s green, attractive and can make a nice pot plant! I like to have fresh herbs and I like to have fresh vegetables. I have mixed success with the vegetables but I never give up. I grow silverbeet and potatoes because they always work and fresh potatoes are lovely. Grow what you can because even if you don’t immediately become successful it is a very relaxing activity and gets you outside. There is a lot of evidence now that gardening has a good impact on your health and wellbeing.

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Lila Kalis

Lila is quite amazing. She is tiny but very natural and confident. You can see she loves what she is doing and very good at it. Young children can be taught to master things at a very early age. They love things like skiing and swimming but Lila Kalis likes drifting. Her Dad has supported her willingness to learn and she has shown just how normal it is for a child to do something which involves skill and action. I am wondering why she doesn’t need a helmet but maybe those little cars are very stable? Her father knows a lot about these things and so does the driver who was working with her. Not work. They were playing together ! They were having fun and doing something skilled and demanding without it seeming like it. The father said he was not pressuring her and you get the impression he really isn’t. His daughter probably loves what she is doing because he loves what he is doing. Passion for something is infectious.

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Cleaning Challenge

I have completed Day One of the cleaning challenge. I am doing  it because  I find these sorts of challenges help me to get things done and have fun. The cleaning challenge is not because my house is out of control but because it is giving me a new take on cleaning and getting things done around my home. Loved the idea of socks on hands for dusting but I killed them once I got to the ceiling fan blades. Yuuck! Then there was the top of the bookcase. None of this took me any time and I now know I am not breathing in excess , horrible, old dust. Was good exercise as well to start the day. The challenge is well organised, simple and has some really good tips.
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Get your rebounder out

Bellicon is a brand name for rebounders or mini -trampolines. I found this article about the benefits of rebounding and was suitably impressed. I have a mini trampoline in my big shed. It was my daughter’s when she was little. She used to love bouncing on it and playing with it and it helped keep her active and fit. It fell into disuse. I used it for a bit and then packed it away. Well, it’s coming out again! It can be set up again in my big shed where it will be dry and under cover and out of the way. They have come back into popularity but this time they are there to benefit everyone and make a real difference to your health and fitness even if you are not feeling that fit and well. This clip gives some good ideas as to how to use it to good effect. I can do that! The good thing about mini – trampolines is they can be bought in big department stores and don’t cost a lot. With the amount of good they can do, they are worth exploring as a fitness option.
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How does your garden grow?

This is a Smarty Pants bougainvillea. I love the colour and the honey eating birds love it too. My garden has been going through the changes again. I seem to change it every so often . I realise out the back it has fewer flowers than it used to have because of the drought we had. I lost a lot of flowering trees and shrubs. I replaced them with succulents which have their own look . My garden is moving onto a tropical look these days. Palms, monsteras, philodendrons, passionfruit. It is interesting to watch my garden change. It always looks at its best around October and November. For me, it is how I get my exercise. I have the fresh air, nature, the work to be done and there’s always plenty of that. I am physically active in my garden. No pottering and gentle pruning for me. I don’t have trouble focussing on the work to be done and then just doing it. I’d never swap it for a gym. So my garden and walking my dog keep me healthy. I look at new houses these days and they have very little by way of gardens and that is a shame. People don’t seem to want to work on their own bit of land anymore. Children grow up without seeing a garden change on a seasonal basis. In summer mine looks dry and crispy at times. I did get it through this summer well. That in itself is a challenge. I have to think how I will get my garden to deal with particular weather impacting on it. It’s  good to think about and sometimes it makes me quite creative. It’s nice to have this place AI can go which adds to me in all sorts of ways. I wonder how people manage without a garden and what replaces it in their lives. Nature is very healing.
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If it wisnae fur yer wellies

I love Billy Connolly’s wellie boot song from the Big Banana Feet show and I love my new wellies. It’s true, where would I be without them? I used to always have a pair of wellies and then I stopped wearing them. Now I have a dog who really likes walking. I know that sounds odd but my other dogs haven’t been big on walking. They have always preferred swimming at the beach or playing ball and walking has been something they haven’t liked much. This new dog of mine loves her walks and gets really enthusiastic about going for a walk. She then walks really happily. She is unhappy when I don’t take her for a walk. For me that is usually when it’s wet and cold. I am very bad at wet and cold. I decided this year, since my dog really doesn’t ask for much, that I’d make a bit more of an effort and get myself ready for walks on cold, wet days as long as it’s not raining. Pretty sure she’d walk in the rain too! The truth is, the walks are good for me too. I always feel much better after. So I have my new turquoise wellies and may well go back and get the shocking pink ones too! So cheerful. It means we can tramp over the countryside in comfort and she will be a happy doggie and my feet will be dry.
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On your bike!

My exercise bike is small but it does the job for me. My sister had a big one with heart rate and who knows what else monitor  and it was great but it was heavy and it took up a lot of room. My little one takes up very little space. The one left is from Vlad’s Gadgets and actually folds away so it could be taken on trips or just put away when you have guests. Mine doesn’t need to go away because I use it a lot now and it takes up so little room it is hardly a problem. I have it in a room where I have a nice view over the hills. For a while my little bike was in the garage and I saw it once in a while. In the end I brought it indoors and through winter and the cold weather it comes into its own. I have found it is the only thing which gets me calm quickly when I am stressed. 10 minutes of peddling settles me down and I am in a much better frame of mind. It keeps me warm  in winter and stops me from going mad in the cold weather. I am a sunshiny , blue skies sort of person and will happily be outdoors and moving around then, so I don’t use my bike much in summer. I have found it good to use in the morning because it gets me going and in a good mood. I don’t find it boring  but I guess I’d use my iPod if I did… or read a magazine! My little bike makes me get some exercise in the winter months. That’s the thing. If I didn’t have it I wouldn’t be doing anything because I just feel cold and miserable.
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Exercise winter away!

Since I decided I would manage this winter one way or another, the rewards have all been positive. It has been great to come to this end of winter and see a clean house, a garden which is more or less in order and a me who is fit and healthy. Others have been trying it. One of my friends has gone down two dress sizes and feels so much better so she and her husband are off on a cruise shortly! Others have found ways and means of keeping fit so that we do not get to the nice spring weather feeling sluggish and all wrong. We are now very enthusiastic about the warmer weather and have the energy to make some good plans to make the most of it. Instead of spending spring getting into shape and getting our homes into shape, that is all done and we are ready to be creative! I am now fit and well enough to tackle the redecoration I want to do. As I have been exercising on my bike I have planned the Christmas menu, thought about how I want to redecorate my home and what it will take to do that. It has been as productive mentally as it has been physically and it has been far better than sitting being miserable because I can’t do anything because it is cold. Its spin off effect to others has been great because they can see I feel and look better and it has encouraged them to find a good way to move through winter. One guy has been off to the gym for an hour every day and got himself such a good deal. The whole world is out there ready to help you if you want to make a move – so do it!
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Cancer patients need to exercise

“Cancer patients would be shocked if they knew just how much of a benefit physical activity could have on their recovery and long term health, in some cases reducing their chances of having to go through the gruelling ordeal of treatment all over again.

This article is extraordinary because i guess most of us who have known cancer patients have considered them to be fragile and in need of rest. The article spells out quite clearly how beneficial exercise can be to people who are undergoing treatment for cancer. it may be that the exercise helps the system process the treatments better. It may also be that the patients feel like they are doing something positive for themselves and the exercise reminds them they have a body they can look after. Exercise probably develops a more positive outlook. I guess some more studies need to be done until we have all the answers. It is a remarkable breakthrough and something which looks to be really helpful.
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Exercise bikes

Photo: Scott Curry

Cycling at 15 kilometres per hour (9 miles per hour) burns nearly 12 kilojoules / 3 calories per kilo of body weight every half an hour. For a person weighing 100 kilos, that equates to 1200 kilojoules or 300 calories every 30 minutes. comes up with some very good reasons for using an exercise bike. As I said, I had got my one out of the shed, cleaned it up and have been using it every day. It’s been over a fortnight now and people are starting to make comments. They say things like I look like I have lost weight and that I look relaxed. After nearly 3 weeks of daily cycling without overdoing it I can manage stairs and shopping better. I can lift and carry things better. I am breathing more freely. I have energy to do things. I am sleeping better and I am more toned. My skin and hair look better. I do not do heaps of cycling. 15 minutes. When that gets really easy I shall lift it to 20minutes. I am not pushing myself. I find this is better than a treadmill. You cannot fall off a bike. You cannot go any faster than you peddle. I feel like I am the one controlling this. I can sit comfortably even though mine is just a little bike. It does the job. I feel happier because I can see I am doing something for myself without having to push myself . It is something I can comfortably do and feel as though I have really helped myself so it has a good psychological impact too. So I am motivated now to keep it up because my clothes are fitting better and I am feeling and looking better.  I think one of the things people do is they go too hard at things and then they create a failure model for themselves. I am doing what I can do and will move on when I know I can accomplish the next level of fitness.