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Boost carotenoids

Image : Dicarotenoidsshmaps

Carotenoids have long been known for their nutritional value and capacity to boost the body against nasty diseases. They ought to be top of your eating list for the good they do but maybe, from time to time, we just need to remind ourselves how valuable and easily sourced these  foods are. The top 10 are:

  1. Baked sweet potato
  2. Cooked carrots
  3. Cooked dark green leafy greens
  4. Cos/romaine lettuce
  5. Cantaloupe melon
  6. Sweet red capsicums
  7. Dried apricots
  8. Cooked peas
  9. Cooked broccoli
  10. Cooked peas

There is a really well explained piece on How Stuff Works about the current research into carotenoids and how they impact positively on health. it’s a bit of a long read but well worth it because it is so enlightening. The very latest research is on older adults and how carotenoids appear to improve brain function and thinking. Well worth investigating and pursuing further. Nutrition for any age group is essential but if it impacts on how well you thing then it’s to be highly encouraged.




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Red eye – beware

* aversion of the eyes to light
* blurred vision
* a single red eye (two red eyes is more suggestive of conjunctivitis)

“These symptoms almost always indicate serious acute eye disease rather than conjunctivitis, the researchers say.”

Apparently hospitals are concerned there are too many misdiagnosed eye conditions at the moment and that doctors and the general public need to look out for these warning signs of acute eye disease. The dust and matter blowing around us in the dry weather are giving most of us sore eyes and then there is seasonal conjunctivitis. But even then we need to make sure we are treated properly for that. The article gives some useful pointers.