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Boost carotenoids

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Carotenoids have long been known for their nutritional value and capacity to boost the body against nasty diseases. They ought to be top of your eating list for the good they do but maybe, from time to time, we just need to remind ourselves how valuable and easily sourced these  foods are. The top 10 are:

  1. Baked sweet potato
  2. Cooked carrots
  3. Cooked dark green leafy greens
  4. Cos/romaine lettuce
  5. Cantaloupe melon
  6. Sweet red capsicums
  7. Dried apricots
  8. Cooked peas
  9. Cooked broccoli
  10. Cooked peas

There is a really well explained piece on How Stuff Works about the current research into carotenoids and how they impact positively on health. it’s a bit of a long read but well worth it because it is so enlightening. The very latest research is on older adults and how carotenoids appear to improve brain function and thinking. Well worth investigating and pursuing further. Nutrition for any age group is essential but if it impacts on how well you thing then it’s to be highly encouraged.




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Hope for Coeliac disease

They  have identified the specific gluten triggers which cause coeliac disease in people and are now working on a vaccine to help people tolerate gluten better. This is important because more people seem to be suffering form coeliac disease and more people are then damaging their intestines and bowels. Quite apart from that, it is a very uncomfortable and hard to manage disease. It is interesting that it has increased and that must surely have something to do with our food preparation? Fortunately there are more gluten free products available of better quality than ever before and with the hope of a vaccine in site then perhaps we will now have a way of helping those who are gluten intolerant.
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Bowel Cancer

While we are on the subject of cancer we might as well look at another preventable one and this is bowel cancer. The incidence increases as you pass 50 and so it is one of the cancers which perhaps you need to consider being screened for. Early intervention works. In Australia older people are eligible for the free tests and this site provides some very useful and easily understood explanations as to why it is worth participating. Not something we particularly want to think about but something which is worthy of serious consideration.
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Manage your health

Prevention is a very good site for helping you in  taking control of your health. If you search for the Health tracker you can log into the site and create an online profile and action plan. The site is very informative and current. it keeps a lot of information to help you keep well and be in control of your health. There is a seemingly endless supply of information about health, diet and nutrition. It includes recipes and exercise ideas. it could be overwhelming but it isn’t because it is written in a friendly, positive fashion which puts your in a good frame of mind for taking action.
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iTunes Apps

I now have an iPod Touch and for the first time I took it away with me about a month ago. I loaded applications from the iTunes store and was a bit sceptical as to how it would be a bonus for me. As a gadget to pack and take, it was easy because it was in my pocket or bag and had a good size screen. I had my yoga exercises, daily inspirational quotes, my horoscope, music, salad recipes, French cuisine, podcasts and audio books. It was great to have this all just on one small gadget. I charged it on a Netbook but I could have borrowed a separate charger from a family member. I was pretty impressed with how it fitted into my day and how it helped me while I was away from home.I can’t say I use it much at home because I live differently at home but it is now my best friend for going away. The iTunes store has a lot of good applications and material for well being and good health. Here are some good ones recommended by the Daily Telegraph. There are some more here on the Guardian site.I am actually going to take my iPod Touch to work this week because I downloaded some applications which I think will help me in my work routine.Looking forward to trying it out!
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E-readers could cause insomnia

Overall, Avidan thinks that the risk to most people losing sleep from e-readers is minimal. “For a typical person who doesn’t have problems falling asleep, if they’re using a Kindle or an iPad or whatever, they probably don’t need to worry,” Avidan told TechNewsDaily.
This article raises a number of issues about electronic screen and the impact they may have on our sleep patterns and eyes, particularly if they are back lit and the blue rays are something which can interfere with our eyes. None of this is yet proven but I should like to think it is being investigated to ensure people who use computer screens for a long time and then pocket device and portable device screens are aware of bad habits they may develop in terms of the way they place the screen. Then the screen use needs to be looked at in terms of what is emitted and how it is affecting us.Last time I visited my optometrist he actually went through a mini lesson about computer screens and how I should have mine placed. It all made sense and it was very helpful. I have had a lot less eye strain since then.