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Chair exercises

Chair exercises are probably one of the least threatening forms of exercises you can do.They are also one of the cheapest because you need a chair and you can fancy it up with resistance bands. Something is always better than nothing. These exercises are good for older people to get started and for those who don’t think they like exercise. Something is better than nothing. There are plenty of these chair exercises on YouTube and so you can pick the routines you like and learn some of the moves. Great for those people who are stuck all day sitting at their desk to complete work. 5 minutes of chair exercises and they will feel like they are in better shape already. All that sitting is hard on the body and a few well thought out exercises will keep the body in condition. Chair exercises are especially good for core strength. They are also good for working on leg exercises.You can use the rubber resistance bands and what a difference they can make. Such a simple exercise aid and yet they make such a difference to developing muscle tone and adding resistance training to the exercises. Chair exercises are less intrusive on your time, too. If you are time poor they are a good way to keep in shape without feeling guilty because you don’t have time for a gym, basketball teams or walking.

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Calf muscle strain

Calf muscle strain is very common and can happen with people who do a lot of sport. It can also happen, as we have found out in our family, with someone who is trying to improve their level of fitness but who has a long term medical condition. This can be off putting with someone like that – or you can adopt his approach and find ways and means of getting the right professional help and advice and working through the issues. It’s painful, slows you down and certainly burts your bubble when you were trying to help yourself and your fitness. This video has some good tips as to how to manage it at home. 
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Get on your trike!

The tricycle has caused such a lot of excitement and interest. A family member with a heart condition which is restricting him decided to have a creative approach to his limitations. He likes making things. It has been cold and wet and so it was a good winter activity to actually build the trike. You can buy them ready made. It has been a great project. It has used his brain, his ingenuity and allowed him to get some great feedback and involvement with others. It needs all the adjustments and fine tuning now and will then turn his often trying walk to the shops and back a nice little outing on his trike. It means he can increase his mobility and hopefully have more independence and fitness. That is the plan, anyway. His doctor is pleased with such a good approach to a difficult condition. 
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Get your rebounder out

Bellicon is a brand name for rebounders or mini -trampolines. I found this article about the benefits of rebounding and was suitably impressed. I have a mini trampoline in my big shed. It was my daughter’s when she was little. She used to love bouncing on it and playing with it and it helped keep her active and fit. It fell into disuse. I used it for a bit and then packed it away. Well, it’s coming out again! It can be set up again in my big shed where it will be dry and under cover and out of the way. They have come back into popularity but this time they are there to benefit everyone and make a real difference to your health and fitness even if you are not feeling that fit and well. This clip gives some good ideas as to how to use it to good effect. I can do that! The good thing about mini – trampolines is they can be bought in big department stores and don’t cost a lot. With the amount of good they can do, they are worth exploring as a fitness option.
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How does your garden grow?

This is a Smarty Pants bougainvillea. I love the colour and the honey eating birds love it too. My garden has been going through the changes again. I seem to change it every so often . I realise out the back it has fewer flowers than it used to have because of the drought we had. I lost a lot of flowering trees and shrubs. I replaced them with succulents which have their own look . My garden is moving onto a tropical look these days. Palms, monsteras, philodendrons, passionfruit. It is interesting to watch my garden change. It always looks at its best around October and November. For me, it is how I get my exercise. I have the fresh air, nature, the work to be done and there’s always plenty of that. I am physically active in my garden. No pottering and gentle pruning for me. I don’t have trouble focussing on the work to be done and then just doing it. I’d never swap it for a gym. So my garden and walking my dog keep me healthy. I look at new houses these days and they have very little by way of gardens and that is a shame. People don’t seem to want to work on their own bit of land anymore. Children grow up without seeing a garden change on a seasonal basis. In summer mine looks dry and crispy at times. I did get it through this summer well. That in itself is a challenge. I have to think how I will get my garden to deal with particular weather impacting on it. It’s  good to think about and sometimes it makes me quite creative. It’s nice to have this place AI can go which adds to me in all sorts of ways. I wonder how people manage without a garden and what replaces it in their lives. Nature is very healing.
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Potting on

My newly created potting shed isn’t quite paradise yet, but it will solve a number of problems for me. On my fence line is a massive gum tree which the neighbours cannot control. It puts gum nuts, bark, twigs and occasionally branches onto the bottom of my garden and can make it unuseable. The other neighbours have a German Shepherd which I found out had been coming into my garden and they had broken the fence to get it back in theirs. I found this out when I got my new dog. The Shepherd came to find it. Originally I had a pool down the back but it had to go because the gum tree was making too much mess in the pool whether I had a a cover or not. It was a massive task to clean it for the summer ..then two biggish branches came down and I thought – this is now dangerous. I removed the pool and so the pool shed fell into disuse. The fence is still there to protect the pool so I have been setting up a veggie patch. I then thought I would reclaim the shed and area and force the neighbours to do something about their dog. That part seems to be working. They now know I am down the back and they keep a better eye on their dog. I had spoken to them about it but I don’t actually think they know how to manage a large dog. I have had to work hard to clear the things from the gum tree and to create a bit of a path, get the old stuff out of the shed and set it up for potting. It means the other neighbours know I am down there clearing up all their gum tree stuff. I am hoping they might take control of it. Not easy given the size of the tree. My potting shed now means I can get seeds ready for summer and  I have a place to be in winter because I am very bad at being in the garden when it gets cold. It means I can get cuttings going of my favourite plants and it also means I can store the things I need for in the veggie patch instead of constandly walking up to the big shed for them. I can see the difference. It is a lot of work and all manual labour so it is keeping me fit and active. In time I am hoping this will be an area which has a special charm and I am working towards that. So my potting shed:
1. Is solving the annoying dog problem
2. May solve the annoying gum tree problem
3. Is helping to develop my veggie patch
4. Has inspired me to be creative
5. Is a little place to be outside in winter
6. Is keeping me fit
I have been really enjoying working on it because it has been inspiring. I can really recommend setting up a project which will, in turn, solve other problems you are dealing with!
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On your bike!

My exercise bike is small but it does the job for me. My sister had a big one with heart rate and who knows what else monitor  and it was great but it was heavy and it took up a lot of room. My little one takes up very little space. The one left is from Vlad’s Gadgets and actually folds away so it could be taken on trips or just put away when you have guests. Mine doesn’t need to go away because I use it a lot now and it takes up so little room it is hardly a problem. I have it in a room where I have a nice view over the hills. For a while my little bike was in the garage and I saw it once in a while. In the end I brought it indoors and through winter and the cold weather it comes into its own. I have found it is the only thing which gets me calm quickly when I am stressed. 10 minutes of peddling settles me down and I am in a much better frame of mind. It keeps me warm  in winter and stops me from going mad in the cold weather. I am a sunshiny , blue skies sort of person and will happily be outdoors and moving around then, so I don’t use my bike much in summer. I have found it good to use in the morning because it gets me going and in a good mood. I don’t find it boring  but I guess I’d use my iPod if I did… or read a magazine! My little bike makes me get some exercise in the winter months. That’s the thing. If I didn’t have it I wouldn’t be doing anything because I just feel cold and miserable.
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Get walking!

Inspite of what I said yesterday about preferring to garden rather than walk I have had a lovely half hour walk this morning and was ready for a nice breakfast when I came back. My car is being serviced locally and it is within walking distance. Normally I take it to a place close to town but last time I was out all day until late waiting for my car. This way is much more convenient and has added a health bonus. They will have it ready by lunch time so that will be another half hour walk. I figure I just have to start rethinking a few things in my life to build in the purpose walking. I can’t just go out and walk. I have to be walking somewhere for a reason. Adelaide has turned on a beautiful day so it was a lovely walk through the paddocks and down a leafy street. Plenty of others were out walking too so there were cheery hellos along the way. I think people are starting to realise that if we all get out on the street then it is much friendlier and safer. So I feel pretty good about myself today and will think about how to keep this up. 
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Get into the garden

Now that the festive season has passed, time for me to get back into the garden and back into shape! True , it’s our summer and can be very hot, but we had a wet winter so the plants are lush and overgrown! I am lucky I have my garden. It is not always convenient to be out walking. I have noticed a lot more people around here are out in the morning for their walks but a lot more people are out in their gardens too. That is all good news. I use my garden to keep fit. Nothing like sawing and the neighbour and I were laughing about just what a work out you get from sawing gum tree branches. Gum tree wood is hard and so you saw for ages before you get anywhere. It has been a bit of a problem with the winds because that can blow branches down. We just get out there and saw them. I have made a commitment to myself to be out there for half an hour a day but it has often turned into an hour or an hour and a half. By the time I start sorting , cutting, pruning, clearing, sawing, mowing, digging, edging – the time passes very happily and I feel so much better for it. The dog likes to play ball when I am out there or she’ll come and help me. I have plenty of birds to hear and watch. I am reshaping my garden again. I am trying to give it more of a tropical look rather than the cottage look I had had. So far so good. It keeps me healthy but it lifts my spirits too.
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Cancer patients need to exercise

“Cancer patients would be shocked if they knew just how much of a benefit physical activity could have on their recovery and long term health, in some cases reducing their chances of having to go through the gruelling ordeal of treatment all over again.

This article is extraordinary because i guess most of us who have known cancer patients have considered them to be fragile and in need of rest. The article spells out quite clearly how beneficial exercise can be to people who are undergoing treatment for cancer. it may be that the exercise helps the system process the treatments better. It may also be that the patients feel like they are doing something positive for themselves and the exercise reminds them they have a body they can look after. Exercise probably develops a more positive outlook. I guess some more studies need to be done until we have all the answers. It is a remarkable breakthrough and something which looks to be really helpful.